Monday, October 5, 2009

Kamille's Scribepost for October 5th, 2009

Today is Class , Mr.Harbeck and Mr.Bache assigned us with a question we had to answer.

" Why is (4/4) + (4/4) = 2 is the same as (4÷4) + (4÷4) = 2 ?? "

My opinion is that they are both the same thing because this sign "/" is just another way of say this sign"÷" . 4/4 is one whole and if you put the another 4/4 it would be 2 wholes. It's just in fraction. 4÷4 is exactly the same thing but using "÷" .

So it doesn't matter which one you use it wouldn't matter. It's just the same thing but different symbols.


elijah841 said...

Good job Kamille, you can really see it and nice answer

JOSE841 said...

Nice job Kamille, i also agree with you. i like how you changed the questions color so it stands out. Good job explaining,

- Josh


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