Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Kamille's BOB Ratio For October 20th,2009

Crayon Lineup

Part to Part Ratio :

Blue : Green -
3 : 3

Silver : Orange -
1 : 1

: Pink -
1 : 2

Part to Whole Ratio :

Pink : Whole -
2 : 12

: Whole -
3 : 12

Part to Part to Part Ratio :

Blue : Pink : Orange -
3 : 2 : 1

: Green : Silver -
1 : 3 : 1

Write 3 ways of a ratio -

I picked the colours Pink and Green as a fraction, decimal and a percent.

Fraction - 1/4 Decimal - 0.25 % Percent - 25 %

How to make Equivalent Fractions :

A equivalent fraction is written in two ways which is lowest terms or higher terms.
To get a lower term you have to divide the numbers by any same number that will divide by both the same numbers you are using. To get a higher term you have to multiply by any number. Remember that what ever you do to the bottom or the top you have to do to all. .. Example ----- >

Questions :

1) What is the ratio for gold, silver, and orange ?

2) What is the difference between the part to part and the part to total ratio ?

3) Could you simplify 76:11 ?? Yes and how or No and explain why not ?

Please comment and good luck to all on the test tomorrow !! thank you =)

PART 2 !

Some of the mistakes I got were :

1) Always forgetting to put it in lowest terms.
2) I didn't show all of my work.
3) I didn't read the question properly

Examples :

4. Four students are running for student council president. Of 30 students polled, 15 chose Mike, 3 chose Patricia, 6 chose Brian, and the rest chose Karen. What is the ratio of votes for girls to votes for boys in the student council election? Express the ratio in lowest terms.

Mistake : b. 7 : 3
Answer : a. 3 : 7

6. A stable has 39 horses available for trail rides. Of these horses, 26 are all brown, 8 are mainly white, and the rest are black. Express in lowest terms the ratio of brown horses to mainly white horses to black horses.

Mistake : b. 13 : 4 : 5

Answer : c. 18 : 12

For The Future Tests :

I will study harder. Learn how to read questions better by read the question over and over and see if the answer is that i want it to be. Make sure ever thing is in lowest terms. And I will make sure I show all my work when it says so.

2 questions that gave me difficulty were :

A rapid transit has 39 passengers on it as it starts its run. At the first stop 12 passengers get off and 18 passengers get on. What is the ratio of the number of passengers who were on the train as it arrived in the first station to the number who were on the train when it left the first station? Express your answer in lowest terms.
a. 2 : 3 b. 13 : 15 c. 18 : 2 d. 27 : 39

This question was hard for me because i didn't really understand it in the beginning so i had to read it a couple of times, but i did get the question right by adding and subtracting the numbers then i had to put it to the lowest terms.

In a group of 84 students surveyed, the ratio of student preference is seven oatmeal eaters to four granola eaters to three toasted O eaters.
Of the 84 students how many prefer oatmeal ?

This question and the others just like it gave a hard time as well because it didn't add up to 84 all together and so i didnt know how to get it, but now i do. What you have to do is add up 7, 4, and 3 which is 14 then you have to multiply by 6 to get 84. So you have to multiply 7 4 and 3 which is now turned into 42 24 and 18. Now that added up to 84 and that's how you get the answer.

1 comment:

Kamille841 said...

1) gold : silver : orange
1 : 1 : 1

2)Part to Part is comparing with each other in a group while the part to whole is compare a part to the total group.

3) No you cannot because 11 is a prime number and you cant simplify it.


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