Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Aldrine Vincent Bob's Scribepost for october 6, 2009

The 3 things I know about graphing:

1:There are many kinds of different graphs such as the following ;

Bar Graphs- best for comparing things

Double Bar Graphs- best for comparing 2 things over time

Line Graphs- best for showing changes over time

Double Line- best for showing 2 data over time

Circle Graph- best for comparing things using percents

Picto Graph- best for comparing data using pictures

2: Messing with the Graph ;
There are many ways you can misrepresent the graph such as ;

-Using a broken axis so makes the information look different.

-Making one bar really thick, and the rest the same bar width.(By doing this it will grab the readers attension)

What I know now that would've improve on my test:

I could have colored it. Could of labeled my y-axis as "number of times rolled" instead of amount, I could of labeled my x-axis I could of put "The sums of the diced rolled". I could of wrote more sentences for my conclusion and I could of added a prediction to my"how i misrepresented my date."



angaldrine said...


elijah841 said...

Hey Aldrine, nice post !

For the , "Using a broken axis so makes the information look different."

You should explain how it looks different, like you can say the y-axis's intervals will get shortened.

And You need 3 things of waht you know about graphing, you only put 2 info.

princess841 said...

yea i like your colors but yea wat elijah said . we need three things.


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