Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Moving Up

Hey guys,
So I was thinking you guys are in grade eight! And I remember when I was in grade eight, thinking I ruled the school. You're the oldest ones there besides the teachers! So what kind of influence do you think you have on the younger grades? Do you think you're intimidating to them, or someone they could look up to? Also, high school is a pretty big step! Are any of you nervous about moving up? It's really not that bad, I promise! Or are you guys even thinking about it yet? It's pretty early in the year, but before you know it, the time to pick your school will be here and you'll have to decide out of all those high schools which one is right for you!
Keep up with the comments and blogs, you guys are great at that!
Shelby Mackey


sierra841 said...

Our school goes up to grade nine [:

Norbert841 said...

I'm Moving to a different school : (


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