Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Riemer's Scibepost for October 6

Different Graphs

bar graph, double bar graph, line graph, double line, circle graph, and pictograph.

Messing with Graphs

1. you can brake the axis so it make the information look different then the normal one.
2. have one really big bar in the graph to make it stand out.
3. have the same colours and put any random colour to make one bar stand out.

The Disadvantages

bar graphs - The higher the intervals are the more inaccurate the number is.

pictograph - You cant show exact numbers like 37 theyre more like showing numbers like 10, 20, 30.

line graph - It cant really show data very organized because its really plain and dosen't catch your attention.

circle graph - You have to do lots of work to find the percent, you do lots of work to find the number if they just give you the percent and it cant show exact amounts.

How I Would Improve my Test

I would improve my test by couloring in the bars. I would write in a conclusion and in that conclusion I would explain why and predict. I would also organize my raw data.

-riemermu├▒oz :)

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