Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Elijah's Scribepost for October 6 2009 BOB

The 3 things I know about graphing is :

Use of the Graphs:
Line graphs : best for showing changes over time in a data.
Circle graphs: compares categories using percents.
Bar graphs: compares the categories data's.
Pictographs: best for comparing data that you can easily count and represented using symbols

Misrepresenting the data:
- Distorting the scale can mess with people's visuals, because one bar can be really wide and another can be really skinny. So they would focus on the wider bar.
- Using breaks on the y-axis can shorten the y-axis's appearance.
- Colouring and making the number's bigger can get the people's focus on that one piece of the graph.

Disadvantages :
- Line graph: it's better to use when the data changes over time. Plus it's not appealing to the eyes.
-Circle graph: You have to do extra work to find out the data.
-Bar graph: If the interval goes up by high numbers you don't exactly know what the amount is. -Pictograph: You have to multiply to find out the numbers.

What I know now that would improve my test..
I could've put the title as soon as I was finished making the graph. I put the x-axis's label as "The sums of dice rolled." instead of "Data." I also lost marks on my paragraphs, I've described it well, but I didn't predict what the trend will be like. I've lost alot of marks on my "Organized Data" because, I didn't put it on it in a table, so it doesn't waste any space. But instead I put all the numbers in ascending order.

Graph A:

Graph B:


sierra841 said...

Is this the math assessment combined with BOB?

elijah841 said...

Uhm, it's the BOB plus the things I could've improved on for the test thing on the graphs.

JOSE841 said...

Dang, great job. Did you make the graphs by using paint? If u did it looks really nice. What do you mean by the line graph that it's not appealing to the eyes? otherwise, you did a great scribepost.

elijah841 said...

Thnk you, and yes i did it on paint. What I ment is that it doesn't stand out aswell as a Bargraph or Circle graph's etc.

JOSE841 said...

Ohhh ok thx:D

Kamille841 said...

great job Elijah ! i loved everything because understood it and it was clear. the bar graphs were done well. so keep it up :)

elijah841 said...

Thnk you for stoping by and reading my blog , kamille, i appreciate it. :D

Mr Montgomery said...


Its Mr Montgomery from Australia here.

I am very impressed with the quality of your blog posts.

They are a great model for my year 8s


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