Monday, November 30, 2009

Matthew post Nov 30

Today we did a Quiz about Square's. They we work on are foldable talk about putting pattern in to perfect square and we sheard it with are partner. Ex: 2,4,6 to make a perfect square

Elona's Post for November 30, 2009

Today in class, we had a quiz on what we know about squares.
Then, we had to work on our foldable.
We had to discuss patterns in perfect squares with our partners, then share them with the class.

Between the 1 and 4, it skips 2 spaces. Then between 4&9, it skips 4 spaces. Then between 9 and 16, it skips 6 spaces. So, the pattern is (2,4,6) and so on.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Carla's Scribepost for Nov. 26, 2009

In class, we went over what we learned about this square...

We learned a lot of things about it. Some of us had to explain things to the class.
Some things we learned are ..
- that one of those squares equal to 0.1
- the area of this square is 4 because 2.0 x 2.0 is 4.

And thats pretty much what we did.

Heres the homework ..

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Jeric's Scribepost for November 25

Today in class we were given an assignment to complete the layers of squares ( cake ) thing.
So first we were given 4 perfect squares containing 100 mini cubes or 1.0. What we were supposed to do was continue from the starting point till we ended in class which was 1x1 equals an area of 1 or a perfect square until 1.4 x 1.4 equals 1.96. Today we were supposed to continue on so this is what we did.

We continued on with layering the square using the extra squares. On the first making of the 1.5 x 1.5 = 2.25 we used the chart above. ( not the one in red but the one in blue :D sorry the picture thing screwed up. ) Once you have done it all the way up to 1.7 x 1.7 = 2.89 you would have been left with 7 squares I think.

Then Ms. U asked us a question ( or mr. harbeck not really sure ) about if 4 perfect squares can make one big perfect square by the layering we were doing. Emmanuel who was brave enough to answer said yes, that we could make a perfect square with 4 perfect squares. Then Mr. Harbeck was shocked that Eman actually said yes and asked him a question. Mr. Harbeck I think said if something I think about if you could actually make a perfect square with 11 leftovers and then Alvin said the same thing and they both were wrong.

I think I'm forgetting something so please comment and tell me what I missed so I can fix it.

Princess' Scribepost for November 25,2009

Today in class we continued our "Building Squares" chart . We ended at 1.4 x 1.4 .

So since last time we already used up the two 10 x 10 (or 1.0 x 1.0) and today we had to continue the two other 10 x 10 squares .

When we finished doing that, our square was needed to be 20 x 20 or 2.0 x 2.0 .

Oh, and while we were continuing our square "layering" we had to figure our the area for each side length .

Ms. U helped us figure out the area for all the side lengths up to 1.7 x 1.7 . Then we had to fiure out the rest on our own like 1.8, 1.9, and 2 .

This is how our yellow sheet is supposed to look like with our complete squares :

Here is our homework for tonight :
How many perfect squares can you make with 4 squares ?
What is the approximate side length a square that uses:
2 squares ?
3 squares ?
5 squares ?
(p.s. sorry if its plain and messed up . oh and sorry if its late too .)

Emmanuel's Scribepost for November 24, 2009

Today in class, we were given an assignment to try and make 1 perfect square, out of 2 squares. Each of our perfect squares had 100 squares inside of them. The square we used for a starting point was 1x1. So that means each little square was 0.1. Then, we kept adding more, and more layers to our square, to try and make it a perfect 2x2 square.

In the making of our perfect 2x2 square, we made a chart for the progress of our square. Every layer we added, we had to calculate the side length, and the area.

This is what the chart looked like:

Once you have completed the 1.4x1.4 square. You would have been left with 4 extra 0.1 length squares.

At the end of the class, Ms. Usiskin asked this question..

Why are they're 4 squares left over?

Well, my guess is, because since we were multiplying the answers by using 0.1 as the inner square number, 1, would be a whole square, and the 0.96 would be one 96th of a whole. And since they are only 96 pieces, thats why there were 4 left over. And because 96 was the maximum amount of full squares you would be able to make the square a regular equal sided square. If you would want to use the four squares, you would have to cut them into very small pieces.

comment lots friends. peace out, atown
-emmanuel <----- you have to highlight..

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Vanessa's scribe post for November 24, 2009

Heey everyone ..

In class, we had a long yellow sheet and and a 24x18 sheet of little squares.

Mr. Harbeck told us to cut out 2 perfect 10x10 squares and 2 10x8 squares and 2
2x10 squares. Then he told us to colour the 2 10x10 squares different colours. Then put a 10x8 square with a 2x10 square and colour it a different colour as well as the other set. Then we had to put the perfect 10x10 squares away and keep the 10x8 squares along with the 2x10 squares. Next we had to glue the 10x8 on the long yellow sheet and the 2x10 beside each other leaving 2cm space from the edge of the paper. Next we cut up the other 10x8 square up so that it goes up the other 10x8 thats already glued down by 4 and so that it goes 4 beside the original 10x8. Then you cut up the rest of the pieces and glue them into the empty spaces between the 4 10 strips on top of the original square and beside the original square.
So that makes the dimensions 1x1 which makes a cube 0.1 .

Once you have completed the big square you will find that there are 1 2x2's left. If not then you might have put extra pieces or not enough pieces into the square.

Ms. U then finished the class with this following question...


I'm sorry I didn't add a picture of the actual work. I'll try to add one right away though. Hope you enjoyed this scribe post of mine. Comment lots ! Byeeee ♥

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Scribepost for November 20, 2009

Y helo thar guyz.

Math Class:

We corrected pages 24 and 25 from our Homework book. Then we reviewed what a factor tree is, and made examples on the board.

Then we work on our foldable.

First, we fold the foldable in half.

Then fold them inwards to the foldable.

Open up the "what I need to work on tab" and flip the foldable so you see the back of "applying the Pythgeon Relationship". Turn the foldable horizontally.

Draw a line on the top and bottom folds. Do not do anything to the middle line.

Using a cm ruler, draw a tick for every 2 cm. Label them 1-25. Do the same for the bottom but do not label it.

Then make the first five perfect squares using graph paper. (1x1=, 2x2=4, 3x3=9, 4x4=16, 5x5=25) Cut them out and match the product(answer) with the numbers that you wrote on the ticks. (2x2=4 match the 4 with the 4 on the foldable) Glue them on. Make sure to keep the scrap graph paper as you'll need it for homework.

Now for Homework, you need to draw 2, 3, 4, 5, squares separately. Cut them out and make a square out of them. You're allowed to cut the squares into something that will allow you to make a square.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Elijah's Scribe Post for November 20 2008

Today at math class, we corrected some of the questions of the practise math book . PGs 24-25

We made a factor tree of 36 and 100 and we made the multiples into prime numbers.

We made a factor tree for each and put the multiples of the numbers into primenumbers and we determined if the number was a perfect square or not, by making sure that the prime numbers could go into another number evenly. eg. 3 x 4 x 3 x 4

Then we started working on our FOLDABLES .

First step: labeling, you should be done the labeling already because we did it from the other class.

Second step: folding, fold the whole thing in a half. then fold the sides towards the middle. And you should have 4 sections.

Third step:go to " What I need to work on"and draw lines at the top and to the bottom. With a ruler mark every 2 cm and t should be spaced out evenly. For both, top and bottom.. Then write 1 - whatever number but has to be atleast 25.

Fourth step:
make the first 5 perfect squares ..
"one= 12 , four= 22 , nine= 32 , sixteen= 42 , twenty five=52"

Okay so, you can cut out squares from the graph that was given to you to do this assignment.

All you have to do is find ways to make a square out of 2 , 3 , 4 and 5 tiles (graph squares)

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Scribepost for November 18 2009

Y helo thar guys.

If anyone missed today's class, here's how to label your foldable:

Our notes.

What are squre numbers (a.k.a. Perfect Squares)?
They are the product of a whole number multiplied by itself.

Example: 2x2=4. The product is the 4, the whole number is the 2 and its been multiplied by itself, making a Perfect Square.

What are factors?
A whole number which divides evenly leaving no remainder.

Example: factors of 16= 1, 2, 4, 8, 16. These are the factors of 16 bcuz 1x16=16, 2x8=16, 4xitself=16.

It's been color coded. The ones that are the same color are the ones that are multiplied to each other.

What are Prime Numbers?
A whole number greater than 1 that only have 2 factors - 1 and itself.

Example: 2, 3, 7, 11, 13


What are Prime Factors?
Factors that are prime numbers.

Example: What are the Prime Factors of 10:

We're looking for factors of 10 and 8 that have the factors of 1 and itself. 2 and 5 are the ones that fit this description.

That's it for notes. Now for our homework.

Find factors of the following numbers:

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12.

An easy way to do this would be to make a multiplication grid. It looks like this:

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Jose's Scribepost for November 17th 09

Today in class, we started off by creating a new foldable for our new unit. Our teacher, Ms. U asked the class what we knew about rectangles and this is what we learned :

- Rectangles have 4 sides.
- Not all 4 sides have the same length
- But it can be the same size

After that, Ms. U talked about perimeter and we wrote this down :

Perimeter - Perimeter is the distance around something.

After we finished talking about that, Ms. U assigned us a small work assignment where she gave us grid paper and she gave us a bag of small tiles. What we had to do was create diffrent ways of making a rectangle with 16 tiles. These were the possible ways :

Once we finished that, we looked at a multiplication table too match the answers.

When we completed the assignment, Ms, U told us to complete and finish the table she made :

That is what I remember learning in todays math class. Hope ya like my scribe post and I hope you think I did okay. PLEASE COMMENT, LOTS OF LOVE, PEACE OUT CLASSMATES


Kathleen's Scribepost for November 17 , 2009

Today at math , NEW UNIT .. we made our new foldables and MS. U thought us today about squares .

We started of with a question " What do we know about Rectangles ? "

What our class had to say about the question:
  • has 4 sides
  • not all 4 sides have to be the same length
  • but they can be the same
  • rectangle is a square

We talked about how to get the area and perimeter too . The picture mostly explained what I'm trying to say (:

After we were done discussing things about squares , Ms. U assigned us a little work with a partner . We needed to make a rectangle with 16 tiles . We had draw out our rectangles in the grid paper .

So all of that was done , we did some small works together as a class :
  • Building Squares - we just used the tiles to tell if we can make a square with he number that was given.
  • Colour Squares - Created the next biggest square.
  • Multiplication Table - just used to see where the number 16 is and what the factors of it was .

Once we were done those works , she gave us another worked to finish . It was a table :

My pictures is kind of blurry , sorry about that . (:

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Was It Just All A Dream or Did I Just Saved The World ?

It was night time and I was about to go to sleep when a BIG green light flashed before my eyes just outside my opened window I ran to see what it was and the next thing I knew I in a box with a lot of people-- MY FRIENDS ! They had told me the whole story about how were in a spaceship and that our so called friend Elijah betrayed us and told the aliens that humans were bad and how they are going to destroy the aliens. We had to do something but what, we were just kids. A couple of minutes later a HUGE green blob came and had told just we are all boomed but i had to do something and Said " We are not going to harm your people and that Elijah is lying ! " It replied saying " That's exactly what Elijah said to us that you were going to say ! " We were all scared and didn't know what to do but to begged. I said " Give us humans a chance ! What can we do to prove Elijah wrong !?! " It replied with " Well .. there is something. You could answer three questions and if you get one JUST one wrong we will destroy you and your friends FIRST !

The First question was :
What is the unit rate for each?

a) two pens cost 94 cents
answer : 47 cents

b) Four blocks stacked one on top of the other are 24 cm high.
answer : One block is 24 cm high

The green blob said " That is correct but that is only the first question " Here is the next ...

The Second Question is :
Set up a proportion for each sittuation

a) If 10 beans had a mass of 17g , then 30 beans have a mass of 51g.

b) There are 13 boys for 15 girls in every classroom at Albany Middle School. If there are 65 boys in the school then there would be 75 girls.

c) On a map, 1cm represents 25 km. Kendra wants to ride her bike 160 km. This distance is 6.4 cm on the map.

It started getting mad " You are smart young one but you will not get this last question right so just give up now! " and I replied " Bring It On ! "

The Final Three Question is :
Determine the missing value for each equivalent fraction.

He screamed " NOOOO !! " He ran through the door we all heard " BOOM " sound .. a few minutes later he came back saying how sorry he was for believe Elijah and how it killed her because it believed her. The Alien was so sorry for how it believed her. It EXPLODED and at the blink of my eyes i was where I started. Now here i am wondering was it just all a dream?

~~ THE END !


Yesterday at 12 in the morning I came back from the club and I heard a big explosion. I went to see and check it out, and I saw 3 big green ugly aliens with 9 legs. They said " Hey you, I will kill your family and I will destroy the planet because I hate humans 4 life" Then I was like " NO you will not, I will kill all the aliens in the world because I hate ugly looking people" The aliens were offended and they took out their machine guns. I was now scared and said " Ok ok, I'm sorry, what can I do for you to not destroy the planet" The three aliens just wanted 3 proportional questions for me to answer.

" So Mr. Tough Punk if a boy named David could saw a log into 3 pieces in 7 minutes, how long will it take for him to saw 6 pieces if he continues at the same rate? "

Josh said David will take 14 minutes for him to saw 6 pieces of log.

The ugly alien was impressed, and said well done. I said " Yeah I know well done you stupid ugly green ugly alien" The alien was mad and he shot Josh's foot off. It was okay because Josh was still alive.

The second alien said that it was a fluke answer so Josh got angry and
SPIT IN THE 2ND ALIENS FACE. The 2nd alien was about to chop Josh's head off with his 9 legs but if he answered this question he would just leave it :

Delia was paid $ 35 f0r 5 hours of baby sitting. How much money will she recieve for 3 hours. Use a unit rate to find the answer. Josh told the alien that she would recieve 21 dollars in 3 hours with unit rate.

The second alien had no comment to say, but all he did was shoot both of Josh's arms off. IT WAS STILL OKAY BECAUSE JOSH WAS STILL ALIVE!

The 3rd alien thought that Josh was an absolute genius but he knew 100% that he would not be able to answer this question :

A gardener takes half an hour to mow and weed a lawn that measures 20m by 15m. He charges 25 dollars per hour. How much money would the gardener recieve for a lawn that measures 40m by 30m ?

Josh said the gardener would get 50 dollars for a lawn that measures 40m by 30m.

" YEEE THATS RIGHT ugly piece of craps, y'all get out of my face. " The 3 aliens were wowed and Josh really ticked them off. A few minutes later they left, but as they were rising in their space ship THE ALIENS SHOT JOSH TO DEATH AND DISAPPEARED INTO OUTER SPACE .....

Josh was dead on the floor..... BUT ON THE BRIGHT SIDE HE SAVED THE WORLD FOR ALL HUMANS!!! A day later Josh rose from the dead , and started to live with his G life all over .


How I destroyed the aliens!

When I was at Burger King there was an explosion in the forest

n.There it was, one ugly alien scout. It said "I will call the other aliens and blow up the earth. Here is your chance to stop them give me three math questions and answer them and show your work and upload them on his computer." While I was searching my math text book the S.W.A.T team showed for no reason.

They got destroyed so it really doesn't matter their dead. so when I found my first question it was: Pg 67 Question 4

B)Seven identical objects have a mass
of 14 kg.

Answer: is 2 kg

The second question is:
pg 68
question 16:
A gardener takes a half hour to mow and
weed a lawn that measures 20 m by 15 m.
He charges $25 per hour. How much
should the gardener receive for a lawn that
measures 40 m by 30 m


The last question:

pg 69

question 23:
According to the Guinness Book of World
Records, the world’s smallest horse is
Thumbelina. Thumbelina is 42.5 cm tall
and eats about 0.3 kg of food per day. A
former world record holder ate food in the
same proportion to its height. If it was
46.25 cm tall, how much did it eat? Give
your answer to the nearest hundredth of a

Answer:0.33 kg

When I put the three questions on his computer he said he would go back to his planet and tell the army to back. Half way his ship blew up, because I put a bomb in his pocket


Friday, November 13, 2009

How I stopped an Alien Invasion using Proportion

It was night and I was getting ready to sleep, then all of a sudden there was a flash of light outside. I went to see what it was, It was a spaceship. I got scared and brought my mom with me. :) The alien said "Hello people in front of us, we will destroy your planet in 10 minutes!" "But If you want to save your planet, you have to do 3 proportional problems!" So my mom went back in and I had to do it by myself.

" Well then... FIRST QUESTION!"
Determine the unit rate.
a) Three dinner rolls cost 99¢.

b) Seven identical objects have a mass of 14 kg.

The alien said "correct!, On to the next question!"

Fresh pickerel is 2 kg fresh pickerel $17.60 advertised in a local market.

" Alright, last question."

"Blah, I thought you wouldn't be able to answer these questions.." the alien said. "I won't destroy your planet then." After the alien left, I went home back to sleep.



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