Friday, November 13, 2009


Aldrine Slavaquichoikya, a group of hostile aliens have landed
on earth and you must destroy them using the power of...MATHEMATICS!!! When Aldrine Slavaquichoikya landed at the alien site, he whipped out his PROPORTION gun, loaded with unlimited rounds of RATE and RATIO. And once that bad boy got his gun out.. he did some WORK!

The first alien, !FLICKNOCK, the first alien hit Aldrine with a question of...
Delia was paid $35 for 5 h of babysitting. How much should she receive for 3 h? Use a unit rate to find the answer.
So Aldrine whipped out his proportion gun and answered:

Aldrine used a unit rate to figure out that she would be payed 21$ for 3 hours!
After he solved the problem, he took a shot with his proportion gun and blew the first alien away!!

So the second alien, John challenged Aldrine with the question...
Last night 30 cm of snow fell in 6 h. If it continues snowing at the same rate, how long will it take for 45 cm of snow to fall? Determine t
he answer two different ways.

Aldrine had trouble, but since he was a
Slavaquichoikya, he could do anything. So he thought as hard as he could and answer saying..

Aldrine used a ratio table, and a proportion table to find his answer!
After he solved his problem, he ran up to the second alien and slapped him till he disintegrated!

Then, finally the last Alien, McSpazzatron, stepped up to Aldrine
Slavaquichoikya and asked him the hardest question of all...
A small gear turns 18 times in the same time that a large gear turns 4 times. How many times will the large gear turn if the small gear turns 54 times? Draw a diagram to help set up a proportion and solve the problem.
Aldrine was STUNNED! He really had no idea what to do! LUCKILY his awsome smarticle friend EMMANUEL MCOHZUM CAME TO SAVE THE DAY!

Emmanuel saved the day by the help of the very good PROPORTION table!
After he solved the question, Emmanuel blew the final alien back into his ship! So then the alien flew off, and unfortunately, the ship ran out of fuel and squash Aldrine
Slavaquichoikya and KILLED HIM!



emmanuel841 said...

wooow so good

JOSE841 said...

dont say crap

Elona 8-41 said...

Hahaha. Eman, how come you make up such weird names?


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