Friday, November 20, 2009

Elijah's Scribe Post for November 20 2008

Today at math class, we corrected some of the questions of the practise math book . PGs 24-25

We made a factor tree of 36 and 100 and we made the multiples into prime numbers.

We made a factor tree for each and put the multiples of the numbers into primenumbers and we determined if the number was a perfect square or not, by making sure that the prime numbers could go into another number evenly. eg. 3 x 4 x 3 x 4

Then we started working on our FOLDABLES .

First step: labeling, you should be done the labeling already because we did it from the other class.

Second step: folding, fold the whole thing in a half. then fold the sides towards the middle. And you should have 4 sections.

Third step:go to " What I need to work on"and draw lines at the top and to the bottom. With a ruler mark every 2 cm and t should be spaced out evenly. For both, top and bottom.. Then write 1 - whatever number but has to be atleast 25.

Fourth step:
make the first 5 perfect squares ..
"one= 12 , four= 22 , nine= 32 , sixteen= 42 , twenty five=52"

Okay so, you can cut out squares from the graph that was given to you to do this assignment.

All you have to do is find ways to make a square out of 2 , 3 , 4 and 5 tiles (graph squares)


carla841 said...

great job elijah! nice pictures and its ver well done.

carla841 said...


elijah841 said...

Thank you Carla :)

vanessa 8-41 said...

GREAT JOB ELIJAH !! I think the only mistake you did was not putting a space in between prime numbers at the beginning, but thats a little tiny mistake, it doesn't really matter as long as its legible. Well yeah, GREAT JOB !


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