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One fine morning, I was taking my dog, Spot, for a walk, and like the usual we walked and played at Assiniboine Park. It was fairly quiet as the time was around 6am. The birds chirped, the squirrels made a pattering noise on the grass and some animals from the zoo made funny noises. At that time I was not really paying attention to why the animals were making funny noises, so I continued playing with Spot. About 30 minutes later, I noticed that there were animals escaping from their shelters. A few people ran away, while the tamers and employees tried to gain control of them. All of a sudden, a loud ringing noise prevented us from doing whatever it was that we were doing. A group of tourists were chased towards me and I wondered what all the comotion was about. As a stared off into the direction the tourists were coming from, I noticed a very thin wall of fog. As I stood there, I couldn't move. I really thought I was dreaming but as they started to come towards me at a pretty fast pace. They were now a few steps away from me and I screamed. I called out to Spot, but hadn't noticed that he had already run away. I cried mostly because I was scared and because I lost Spot. The leader told me straight up that " If I didn't answer 3 questions correctly, they would destroy planet Earth." As I heard him say those words, I quivered a bit and agreed knowing that it was a matter of a living or dying situation. He gave me 3 different questions, I noticed a tear drop coming out of my eye, then it was followed by a waterfall of tears. I read the questions at least 3 times and began.

Question 1 ...

Delia was paid $35.00 for 5 hours of babysitting. How much money will she receive in 3 hours? Use a unit rate to find the answer.

"Delia gets $21.00 in 3 hours" I answer. "That is (dramatic pause) CORRECT! Now you must answer these 2 questions correctly or else the human race will be destroyed" said the leader.

Question 2 ...

A gardener takes half an hour to mow and weed a lawn that measures 20m by 15m. He charges $25.00 an hour. How much money would the
gardener receive for a lawn that measures 40m by 30m.

"If the gardener mows a lawn that is 20m by 15 m and gets paid $25.00 then if you multiply 20m by 2 you get 40m, 15m by 2 you get 30m, and $25.00 by 2 you get $50.00, which means that the gardener receives $50.00 for mowing a lawn that is 40m by 30m" I shout out. Correct again! Ooh, I bet you won't answer this question correctly.

Question 3 ...

David can saw a log into 3 pieces in 7 minutes. If he continues sawing at a constant rate,
how long will it take him to saw a similar log into 6 pieces?

"Judging by this picture, I believe that it would take David 14 minutes to saw a log into 6 pieces" I replied happily.
Dang girl! You got all 3 questions right. You have saved the human race. C'mon you guys, lets go to some other planet and threaten to destroy their race!" said the leader in excitement. Soon after everyone cheered for me and I found Spot. Hooray! Then the aliens died in a spaceship crash.

Sorry its late ! Hope you like my story even though its a little plain and comment lots ! byee ♥ HERE ARE SOME PICTURES ...

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