Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Jose's Scribepost for November 17th 09

Today in class, we started off by creating a new foldable for our new unit. Our teacher, Ms. U asked the class what we knew about rectangles and this is what we learned :

- Rectangles have 4 sides.
- Not all 4 sides have the same length
- But it can be the same size

After that, Ms. U talked about perimeter and we wrote this down :

Perimeter - Perimeter is the distance around something.

After we finished talking about that, Ms. U assigned us a small work assignment where she gave us grid paper and she gave us a bag of small tiles. What we had to do was create diffrent ways of making a rectangle with 16 tiles. These were the possible ways :

Once we finished that, we looked at a multiplication table too match the answers.

When we completed the assignment, Ms, U told us to complete and finish the table she made :

That is what I remember learning in todays math class. Hope ya like my scribe post and I hope you think I did okay. PLEASE COMMENT, LOTS OF LOVE, PEACE OUT CLASSMATES



carla841 said...

nice job josh! great post, but next time you should'nt you the color yellow because its kind of hard to see

elijah841 said...

Good job, josh. nicely done .

vanessa 8-41 said...

Good job Josh ! I do agree with Carla, but the yellow you chose wasn't as bright so its still legible. I noticed that you spelt diffrent wrong, its suppose to be different, but its still legible. Your last picture was alright, but i'm pretty sure you could do a lot better. Well other than that good job.


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