Sunday, November 15, 2009

Was It Just All A Dream or Did I Just Saved The World ?

It was night time and I was about to go to sleep when a BIG green light flashed before my eyes just outside my opened window I ran to see what it was and the next thing I knew I in a box with a lot of people-- MY FRIENDS ! They had told me the whole story about how were in a spaceship and that our so called friend Elijah betrayed us and told the aliens that humans were bad and how they are going to destroy the aliens. We had to do something but what, we were just kids. A couple of minutes later a HUGE green blob came and had told just we are all boomed but i had to do something and Said " We are not going to harm your people and that Elijah is lying ! " It replied saying " That's exactly what Elijah said to us that you were going to say ! " We were all scared and didn't know what to do but to begged. I said " Give us humans a chance ! What can we do to prove Elijah wrong !?! " It replied with " Well .. there is something. You could answer three questions and if you get one JUST one wrong we will destroy you and your friends FIRST !

The First question was :
What is the unit rate for each?

a) two pens cost 94 cents
answer : 47 cents

b) Four blocks stacked one on top of the other are 24 cm high.
answer : One block is 24 cm high

The green blob said " That is correct but that is only the first question " Here is the next ...

The Second Question is :
Set up a proportion for each sittuation

a) If 10 beans had a mass of 17g , then 30 beans have a mass of 51g.

b) There are 13 boys for 15 girls in every classroom at Albany Middle School. If there are 65 boys in the school then there would be 75 girls.

c) On a map, 1cm represents 25 km. Kendra wants to ride her bike 160 km. This distance is 6.4 cm on the map.

It started getting mad " You are smart young one but you will not get this last question right so just give up now! " and I replied " Bring It On ! "

The Final Three Question is :
Determine the missing value for each equivalent fraction.

He screamed " NOOOO !! " He ran through the door we all heard " BOOM " sound .. a few minutes later he came back saying how sorry he was for believe Elijah and how it killed her because it believed her. The Alien was so sorry for how it believed her. It EXPLODED and at the blink of my eyes i was where I started. Now here i am wondering was it just all a dream?

~~ THE END !

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Shelby Mackey said...

I really enjoyed your story! It was very creative and fun to read. Your math was also great, and you made it stand out so it was easy to see. Well done.
Shelby Mackey


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