Friday, November 13, 2009

Alien BACON!!!!!

Emmanuel Tutukihaku knew the aliens were coming so Emannuel warned everyone in the city to move country before Riemer Bacon (the leader of the Alien Bacons) they destroy Chinchila city. When the aliens landed on the field Emmanuel Tutukihaku was waiting with his RATE PISTOLS, RATIO RIFLES, and PROPOTION GUNS. Riemer Bacon got the same weapon as Emmanuel Tutukihaku but Riemer Bacon whip out his first Question and GOT STARTED!!!!.

RIEMER BACON hit Emmanuel Tutukihaku with the Question of....

Delia was paid $35 for 5 h of babysitting. How much should she receive for 3 h? Use a unit rate to find the answer.


Emmanuel used unit rate to figure out that she would get $21 in 3 hours.

After he solved that problem Emmanuel took out his rate pistol and shot Riemer in the arm. Riemer got up and said " I WILL NEVER GIVE UP I WILL DESTROY THIS CITY AND THE WHOLE PLANET MWUAHAHAHAHAHH."

After that Riemer planted the bomb and Emmanuel Tutukihaku has to solve the next problem to stop the bomb from blowing up the whole city.

David can saw a log into 3 pieces in 7 minutes. If he continues sawing at a constant rate, how long will it take for him to saw a similiar log into 6 pieces ?

Emmanuel answered it. David will take him 14 minutes to saw 6 pieces.

Emmanuel was sweating a lot and he stopped the bomb from exploding so Emmanuel was happy that he saved the city from exploding.

Riemer Bacon was tired from all those questions he shot from Emmanuel Tutukihaki but Riemer Bacon has one more math Challenge if Emmanuel Tutukihaku he will give up and go back to his plant the TELLY TUBBIES PLANET.So Riemer threw his grenade and the challenge was...

A small gear turns 18 times in the same time that a large gear turns 4 times. How many times will the large gear turn if the small gear turns 54 times? Draw a diagram to help set up a proportion and solve the problem.

Emmanuel had no clue what to do so Emmanuel called his friend Aldrine Ang if he is still in the city and Aldrine said "YES and Why" Emmanuel said "I need help with this REALLY HARD QUESTION you gotta help me or else Riemer Bacon WILL DESTROY ALL OF US AND THE CITY." Aldrine said ill be there as soon as im done my MATH." Emmanuel said "ok AND HURRY!!." Emmanuel Tutukihaku hanged up.

Aldrine came and he was solving the problem.....

ALDRINE ANG SOLVED THE PROBLEM !!!!!. so Aldrine and Emmanuel was so happy that they finished it, in the mean time Riemer was so mad that he lost so Riemer threw a BACON BOMB Riemer said "THE WHOLE PLANET WILL EXPLODE THIS BACON BOMB IS THE STRONGEST BOMB, EMMANUEL TUTUKIHAKU AND ALDRINE ANG YOU GUYS HAVE 1 MINUTE TO SAY YOUR PRAYERS MWUHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAH." Riemer Bacon was in his UFO while Emmanuel was praying Aldrine Ang took the bomb and sticked it to Riemer's UFO, when riemer left and he was at space he was look at the planet earth and waiting for the bomb to explode. There was 10 seconds left so Riemer did a count down 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 ...... BOOOOOOM Riemer Exploded and his UFO



angaldrine said...

Plsss COMMENThahah

jeric8-41 said...

LOL Aldrine i love your story its so funny :D Also good job on putting the questions into the story so it made it pretty funny :P Good job ... btw how come me josh and john aren't there O.O !!! LOL anyways good job


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