Monday, November 30, 2009

Elona's Post for November 30, 2009

Today in class, we had a quiz on what we know about squares.
Then, we had to work on our foldable.
We had to discuss patterns in perfect squares with our partners, then share them with the class.

Between the 1 and 4, it skips 2 spaces. Then between 4&9, it skips 4 spaces. Then between 9 and 16, it skips 6 spaces. So, the pattern is (2,4,6) and so on.


Kamille841 said...

Great job elona! I liked your picture that you had. It really shows at least most of the things we covered today and i like how you had examples too :)

carla841 said...

great job! you should've explained more of what we did but you explained the main parts.

shania841 said...

Good job adding pictures and colour. But I think you could of added more about what we did today. But again, good job !

elijah841 said...

Hey Elona,

Good job ! it's really neat and thnx for adding the picture. But you should add, what to do for the next step (homework) like figuring out wat the fraction and decimal is for 1-16 .

sierra841 said...

Good job Elona! You could have improved your post by explaining WHAT we put on the foldable.

- I liked how you organized the post and added a picture.

emmanuel841 said...

Good Job Elona. You could have explained the fractions the intervals gave us more. I liked how you added that picture!

kathleen841 said...

Good job! It's nice but you could have made your post better by explaining and adding more pictures and words too it. I liked how you put in a picture.

princess841 said...

good job ! i like the picture, but i think you could've explain more about the intervals.

vanessa 8-41 said...

Good job Elona ! The one thing that kind of bothers me is the lack of explanation. To people who don't understand, have a hard time if you don't explain it properly. You should also make a picture showing the space or pattern it shows on the number line. Overall good job.


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