Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Vanessa's scribe post for November 24, 2009

Heey everyone ..

In class, we had a long yellow sheet and and a 24x18 sheet of little squares.

Mr. Harbeck told us to cut out 2 perfect 10x10 squares and 2 10x8 squares and 2
2x10 squares. Then he told us to colour the 2 10x10 squares different colours. Then put a 10x8 square with a 2x10 square and colour it a different colour as well as the other set. Then we had to put the perfect 10x10 squares away and keep the 10x8 squares along with the 2x10 squares. Next we had to glue the 10x8 on the long yellow sheet and the 2x10 beside each other leaving 2cm space from the edge of the paper. Next we cut up the other 10x8 square up so that it goes up the other 10x8 thats already glued down by 4 and so that it goes 4 beside the original 10x8. Then you cut up the rest of the pieces and glue them into the empty spaces between the 4 10 strips on top of the original square and beside the original square.
So that makes the dimensions 1x1 which makes a cube 0.1 .

Once you have completed the big square you will find that there are 1 2x2's left. If not then you might have put extra pieces or not enough pieces into the square.

Ms. U then finished the class with this following question...


I'm sorry I didn't add a picture of the actual work. I'll try to add one right away though. Hope you enjoyed this scribe post of mine. Comment lots ! Byeeee ♥


kathleen841 said...

WOW vanessa (: NICE! GOOD JOB:D .. Well first of all , the first thing the I noticed in your post was the COLOUR! It really stand out. Everything that you said was all correct . I understand it very well . And , GOOD JOB!

elijah841 said...

Good Job , VANESSA! .. the first thing I noticed on your post was the colours , It stand out so much . But then never use yellow for colours . Okay , anyways everything in your post is correct. Yeah , thats right all you need is the pictures. GOOD JOB AGAIN ! (:

carla841 said...

great job vanessa! I like the colours it stands out but the yellow is hard to see. But other than that good job.

vanessa 8-41 said...

Thaanks Kathleen, Elijah and Carla for commenting on my post. I know yellows hard to read but I like yellow !


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