Monday, November 30, 2009

Matthew post Nov 30

Today we did a Quiz about Square's. They we work on are foldable talk about putting pattern in to perfect square and we sheard it with are partner. Ex: 2,4,6 to make a perfect square


Kamille841 said...

Good job , Matthew ! uhmm.. it was alittle short but atleast you did a scribe which was good.. you could of added pictures for the examples for people to understand better or atleast explained more and you could of added the homework for those you didn't write it down.

carla841 said...

great job. but next time you should explain more and put pictures and a little bit of color. also you should put the homework down.

elijah841 said...

Hey Matthew,

thnks for doing the scribe post. But you should know that this is really short, and it doesnt explain much about what we did on the foldable. Next time you should add pictures to explain it clearly.

emmanuel841 said...

This scribe post was very short, and you should have explained more on what we did. Next tie you do a scribe post, you should add pictures, and explain what we did, and how we did it.

kathleen841 said...

As everyone is saying. This scribepost is too short. I know you tried doing it but you could've tried harder. Next time your doing a scribepost you should really put an effort to it. Add pictures and colours to it so it's not plain.

princess841 said...

Yea uhm.. that was a little short. next time try to add some pictures and other things to help other people understand it better. Oh and next time try to show effort because it doesn't look like you put much effort into your scribe post.

vanessa 8-41 said...

Good job Matthew ! Although it was short, it was still good. I do agree with the girls, you should post other things we did, like homework, annd like even post pictures or videos to make it more interesting. I do agree with Princess, you should try to put more effort into the scribe. The least you could do is change the font or font colour. Overall good job.


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