Sunday, November 15, 2009


Yesterday at 12 in the morning I came back from the club and I heard a big explosion. I went to see and check it out, and I saw 3 big green ugly aliens with 9 legs. They said " Hey you, I will kill your family and I will destroy the planet because I hate humans 4 life" Then I was like " NO you will not, I will kill all the aliens in the world because I hate ugly looking people" The aliens were offended and they took out their machine guns. I was now scared and said " Ok ok, I'm sorry, what can I do for you to not destroy the planet" The three aliens just wanted 3 proportional questions for me to answer.

" So Mr. Tough Punk if a boy named David could saw a log into 3 pieces in 7 minutes, how long will it take for him to saw 6 pieces if he continues at the same rate? "

Josh said David will take 14 minutes for him to saw 6 pieces of log.

The ugly alien was impressed, and said well done. I said " Yeah I know well done you stupid ugly green ugly alien" The alien was mad and he shot Josh's foot off. It was okay because Josh was still alive.

The second alien said that it was a fluke answer so Josh got angry and
SPIT IN THE 2ND ALIENS FACE. The 2nd alien was about to chop Josh's head off with his 9 legs but if he answered this question he would just leave it :

Delia was paid $ 35 f0r 5 hours of baby sitting. How much money will she recieve for 3 hours. Use a unit rate to find the answer. Josh told the alien that she would recieve 21 dollars in 3 hours with unit rate.

The second alien had no comment to say, but all he did was shoot both of Josh's arms off. IT WAS STILL OKAY BECAUSE JOSH WAS STILL ALIVE!

The 3rd alien thought that Josh was an absolute genius but he knew 100% that he would not be able to answer this question :

A gardener takes half an hour to mow and weed a lawn that measures 20m by 15m. He charges 25 dollars per hour. How much money would the gardener recieve for a lawn that measures 40m by 30m ?

Josh said the gardener would get 50 dollars for a lawn that measures 40m by 30m.

" YEEE THATS RIGHT ugly piece of craps, y'all get out of my face. " The 3 aliens were wowed and Josh really ticked them off. A few minutes later they left, but as they were rising in their space ship THE ALIENS SHOT JOSH TO DEATH AND DISAPPEARED INTO OUTER SPACE .....

Josh was dead on the floor..... BUT ON THE BRIGHT SIDE HE SAVED THE WORLD FOR ALL HUMANS!!! A day later Josh rose from the dead , and started to live with his G life all over .



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