Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Kathleen's Scribepost for November 17 , 2009

Today at math , NEW UNIT .. we made our new foldables and MS. U thought us today about squares .

We started of with a question " What do we know about Rectangles ? "

What our class had to say about the question:
  • has 4 sides
  • not all 4 sides have to be the same length
  • but they can be the same
  • rectangle is a square

We talked about how to get the area and perimeter too . The picture mostly explained what I'm trying to say (:

After we were done discussing things about squares , Ms. U assigned us a little work with a partner . We needed to make a rectangle with 16 tiles . We had draw out our rectangles in the grid paper .

So all of that was done , we did some small works together as a class :
  • Building Squares - we just used the tiles to tell if we can make a square with he number that was given.
  • Colour Squares - Created the next biggest square.
  • Multiplication Table - just used to see where the number 16 is and what the factors of it was .

Once we were done those works , she gave us another worked to finish . It was a table :

My pictures is kind of blurry , sorry about that . (:


carla841 said...

great job kathleen! , I like your post. It's very nice and colorful and easy to understand.

vanessa 8-41 said...

Good job Kathleen ! You explained things fairly well. I noticed that you spelt taught wrong, you spelt it like this : thought ... *We had draw out our rectangles in the grid paper .* you missed a word out. We had TO draw out our rectangles ON the grid paper. * small works * this doesn't really make any sense. Your picture for the multiplication table was a little TOO small. You should fix that up when you have the chance. Also I do agree, your pictures are a little blurry. Overall good job !


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