Friday, November 13, 2009

How I DESTOYED the aliens

When the aliens came to earth I was not ready to face them alone so I went to get my math textbook to send them back to their own planet by over loading them with math and telling them how i got it because they are afraid of math. So first when he approached my door I opened the window then jumped out he chased me down. Then with the textbook still in my arms he kidnapped me and put me in his little UFO ship. Then I heard him talking to his buddies that they will blow up the earth if I can answer and explain how i got the answer for 3 proportion question then he knocked me out with laughing gas. Then when I woke I saw he was busy eating some purple slime from a pot looking thing. So First I attacked him with my First Question !

Question 4 Page 67 !

4.Determine the unit rate
a) Three dinner rolls cost 99 cents.

To get the unit rate First you make a ratio table and write money on one side and dinner rolls then under them you put the amount like 0.99 for money and 3 for dinner rolls. Since its a unit unit rate we have to find the amount of money for 1 dinner roll. So then you divide the dinner rolls by 3 to get 1 dinner roll. If you do it to one side you have to do the same thing to the other so you divide 0.99 by 3 which will get you 0.33. So The unit rate is $0.33/roll.

b) Seven identical objects have a mass of 14 kg.

To find the unit rate first you make a ratio table, then on the top of one side write Kg then on the other side you write objects. Under them you write the amount, like 14 under kg and 7 under objects. Next you have to find the kg for 1 object, so to get 1 object you have to divide the amount by the same number so 7 divided by 7 equals 1. Since you did that to one side you must do it to the other side so 14 divided by 7 is 2 so that means the unit rate is 2 kg/object.

After I had attacked him with my first proportion question I told him to tell his aliens to call off the attack but he refused so I had no choose but to attack him !

Question 21 page 68 !
21. David can saw a log into 3 pieces in 7 minutes. If he continues sawing at a constant rate, how long will it take for him to saw a similiar log into 6 pieces ?
First you need to make a ratio table and at the top of the ratio table you put minutes on one side a pieces on the other. Then you put the amount under like 3 under pieces and 7 under minutes. Then to get 6 pieces you can multiply the pieces side by 2 because 2 x 3 = 6. If you do something to one side you have to do the same to the other side so 7 x 2 = 14. So the answer would be
"It will take him 14 minutes to saw the log into 6 pieces".

But guess what ! He still refused so now I have to use my secret weapon ! my last proportion question !
Question 28 Page 69 !

28. The dosage of a certain medicine for a child is 2.5 mL for each 3 kg mass of the child. What is the dose, in milliliters, for a child with a mass of 16.5 kg ?

This question is pretty tricky so first milliliters and mL are the same thing so you dont have to worry about that. Second to solve this question you make a ratio table with kg on one top side and on the other you write mL. Next under the words you put the amount like kg you put 3 and for mL you put 2.5. Then to find out the answer on one side for the 3 kg you divide it by 10 which gives you 0.3 then you multiply by 35 ( I know because i added up until i got to 16.5) then if you do it to one side then you have to do the same for the other 2.5 divided by 10 is 0.25 then you multiply by 35 which equals 8.75. So the answer is "The dose for a child with 16.6 kg is 8.75 mL"

After that last proportion question he surrendered and backed off and told his aliens to not vaporize the earth. So I told everyone what happened and they all think I'm crazy that a text book can harm an alien.
THE END !!!!!
By Alvin Huynh

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