Friday, December 18, 2009

Jim's square scribe

Jim's Square and square roots questions

Determine the prime factorization of 4

answer: 4=2x2

is 4 a perfect square?

answer: yes because the prime factor, 2 appears an even number

a rectangle has an area of 64 m2, determine the prime factorization of 64

answer: 64:2x2x2x2x2x2

is 64 a perfect square

answer: yes because the prime factor 2 appears an even number

Write the prime factorization of each number, Identify the perfect square

42:2x3x7 this is not a perfect square

169:13x13 this is a perfect square

256:2x2x2x5 this is a perfect square

Norbert's Alien story

i was walking on the street then an alien approached me and said " i will be taking over your planet and the only way to stop me is to answer these questions".

13.two quarters have the same value as ten nickles. what is the value of five quarters in nickles?
25 nickles. 2q=10n. 4q=20n. 5q=25n.

20. a breakfast cereal contains corn, wheat, and rice in the ratio of 3 to 4 to 2. if a box of cereal contains 225g of corn, how much rice does it contain?
150 grams of rice. 225/3= 75. 75 x2= 150.

10.set up a proportion a) if 10 beans have a mass of 17g,then 30 beans have a mass of 51g.
10beans/ 17g= 30beans/51g

"nooooo you have defeated me"

Jim's alien post

How I stopped an alien invasion

A Alien plant was invaded and some aliens got off there plant before it was destroyed. When the alien leader was asking where to go his crew said "lets go to earth!" The aliens threatened and took over earth. The only way to stop them was to solve an proportion question.

Walter makes his own oil and vinegar dressing. His recipe calls for 175 ML of vinegar. What amount of vinegar does he need to mix with 300 ML of olive oil?

answer: 175ml/50ml= 30ml/x ml

a baseball player has a home run to strikeout ratio of 3:17. How many home runs should he hit if he strikes out 187 times?

answer: 3 home runs/17 strikeouts = x home runs/187 strikeouts

Two quarters have the same value as ten nickels. What is the value of 5 quarters in nickels?

25 nickels

Yay the aliens got defeated with our large brains! :D

Thursday, December 17, 2009

How aliens helped Devin using proportion

Two days before the school dance a guy named Devin had to finish his homework to go to it but just when he got stuck on 3 promblems he needed help and he didnt know what to do but just when he was about to give up. A space ship comes from the sky and an alien comes out.Then just when Devin goes outside the alien sayed ''Theres no more oil in the ship will you help me'' and Devin sayed ''sure I will help you but you got too help me with 3 promblems'' the alien sayed ok.

1.What is the ratio of red tiles to titles?Explain your answer in 3 different ways

Answers:part to whole, 4:21

2.Deila was paid $35 for 5 h of babysitting.How much will she recieve in 3 hours?Use unit rate to find your answer.

Answer:she would recieve $21 for 3 hours

3.David can saw a log into three pieces in 7 minutes.If he continues sawing at a constant rate,
how long will it take him to saw a similar log into six pieces?

Answer:David will take 13.8 minutes for 6 pieces.

After Devin gets the answers from the alien the alien for some reason died because he couldnt handle the earths air.

charis' growing post

definitions :
ratio - compares 2 quantities measured in different units.
rate - compares 2 quantities measured in the same units.

difference :
The difference is that ratio compares two different quantities in the same units and rate compares two different quantities in different units.

questions :
How many pennies would there be in 7 jars ? if there were 5840 pennies in 7 jars , how much would there be in a jar ? 5840 divided by 7 = 834 . so there would be 834.. pennies in 7 jars.

Determine the unit rate in each situation.

question : An orca swims 110 km in 2 hours.

You can get the answer by first getting the hours to 1 hour for the unit rate. so divid it by itself which is 2, then you get 1. You do the same to the other side and you get 55.
answer: orca whale swims 55 km/h

question : A Canada goose flies 800 km in 12.5 hours.

You divide each side by 12.5 and you get 64 on the km and 1 in the hours.
answer : Canada goose flies 64 km / h.

question : Cathy plants 45 daffodils in 30 min.

You multiply each side by 2. Which gets you the answer 90 daffodils/ h.

part 2
What would the recipe look like if it had to serve 10 people? Show your calculations.

10 ÷ 4 = 2.5

ground beef - 0.5 x 2.5 = 1.25
stalk celery finely diced - 1 x 2.5 = 2.5
clove garlic, minced - 1 x 2.5 = 2.5
canned tomatoes, chopped - 14 x 2.5 = 35
oz can tomato paste - 0.5 x 2.5 = 1.25
lb medium onion, diced - 1 x 2.5 =

parsley - 1 x 2.5 = 2.5
tsp basil - 1.5 x 2.5 = 3.75
tsp oregano - 1 x 2.5 = 2.5
tsp sugar - 1 x 2.5 = 2.5
tsp Worcestershire Sauce - 0.5 x 2.5 = 1.25
tsp seasoning salt - 0.5 x 2.5 = 1.25
tsp bay leaf - 1 x 2.5 = 2.5

What would the recipe look like if you had to only serve 1 person? Show your calculations.

10 ÷ 1 = 10

ground beef - 1.25 ÷ 10 = 0.125
lb medium onion, diced - 2.5 ÷ 10 = 0.25
stalk celery finely diced - 2.5 ÷ 10 = 0.25
clove garlic, minced - 2.5 ÷ 10 = 0.25
canned tomatoes, chopped - 35 ÷ 10 = 3.5
oz can tomato paste - 1.25 ÷ 10 = 0.125
parsley - 2.5 ÷ 10 = 0.25
tsp basil - 3.75 ÷ 10 = 0.375
tsp oregano - 2.5 ÷ 10 = 0.25
tsp sugar - 2.5 ÷ 10 = 0.25
tsp Worcestershire Sauce - 1.25 ÷ 10 = 0.125
tsp seasoning salt - 1.25 ÷ 10 = 0.125
tsp bay leaf - 2.5 ÷ 10 = 0.25

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Emmanuels Scribepost for December 14


Q:A small triangular flower bed has a square
stepping stone at each of its sides. Is the
flower bed in the shape of a right triangle?
Explain your reasoning.

A:Well, since the area of the legs are 4800cm squared, and the hypotenuse's area is 9800cm squared, the pythagorean relationship will not work! Since the formula is a2+b2=c2, a2 and b2 would fall short equaling 9600cm2. So because of the pythagorean relationship, this triangle is not a right triangle!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

How I Stopped An Alien Invasion Using Proportion

One day I was walking around school, and I saw people crowding up the hallways in a circle. So I ran and shoved people out of the way. As I got to the front, I noticed a strange vehicle parked right there, and a whole in the ceiling. I was confused with what was going on until I saw these strange purple monsters. Turns out they were aliens. They then walked up to me and made me answer 3 proportion questions or else they wouldn't leave. So I guess I had no choice but to do it.

The first problem they asked me was-

Delia was paid $35 for 5 h of babysitting. How much should she receive for 3 h? Use a unit rate to find the answer.
I replied " Delia should receive $21 for 3 h of babysitting " They made me show my work so here it was.

The second problem they asked me was-

David can saw a log into three pieces in 7 minutes. If he continues sawing at a constant rate, how long will it take him to saw a similar log into 6 pieces?
My answer was " It would take him 14 mn to saw 6 pieces. " So here is my work again
The third problem they asked me was-

Last night 30 cm of snow fell in 6 hours. If it continues snowing at the same rate, how long will it takefor 45 cm of snow to fall ?
The final answer was " It would take 9 hours for 45 cm of snow to fall " Heres what I did.

How I stopped an Alien Invasion using Proportion !


When Aldrine, Emmanuel, Josh, Argie and I was going long driving to California, we got stopped by very scary aliens in the mountains of Utah.

 They said in some sort of language that they wouldn't let us through unless we would answer 3 questions. I don't know how but Emmanuel knew what they were talking about. Thats how I know what they said.

The questions were: 


was paid $35 for 5 hours of babysitting. How much should she 
receive for 3 hours? Use a unit rate to find the

David can saw alog into 3 pieces in 7 minutes. If he continous sawing at a constantrate. how long would it take him to saw a similar log into 6 pieces?

A small gear turns 18 times in the same time a large gear turns 4 times. How many times will the large gear turn if the small gear turns 54 times? Draw a diagram to help set up a proportion and solve the problem.

Jeric's Scribepost for December 14

Question 16

Okay so yeah, what I did was I squared 8m and 6m. So really it's 8m x 8m =64m2 ( I dont know how to make the small squared sign so yeah ) and 6m x 6m = 36m2.
Then from there I added them both to get 100. 36m2 + 64m2 = 100m2. And then I found the square root of 100 and got 10m.

Since the angle has to be 90 degrees most likely it would have to be a perfect square and since 8m and 6m don't equal a perfect square I don't think it would equal 90 degrees. It would have to be 10m to be a perfect square.


Monday, December 14, 2009

Aldrine's Scribepost for Dec 14 2009


9. a) Calculate the areas of the three squares.

20cm= 400cm2
40cm= 1600cm2
50cm= 2500cm2

b) Is this triangle a right triangle? Explain.

No, because when you add 400+1600 the answer is 2000 its sopose to be 2500 to make the right triangle. 20 squared + 40 squared = 50 squared this is called phytagoream. If you add 400+1600 and the answer is 2500 you make a right triangle.

Michelle's Scribepost for December 14, 2009

Question 12.

(You add the two legs to find the hypotenuse,or the Pythagorean Relationship?)

a) 20 cm squared + 32 cm squared = 52 cm squared

b) 100 mm squared + 576 mm squared = 676 mm squared

c) 90 cm squared - 25 cm squared = 65 cm squared
(You minus the 2 numbers because your trying to find the other "leg" instead of finding the hypotenuse. I know this because the opposite side of the right angle is the hypotenuse, not the leg.)

d) 12 cm squared + 12 cm squared = 24 cm squared

Shania's Scribepost for December 14, 2009

Question #5 from the texbook.

A right triangle has side lengths of 40mm, 75mm and 85mm.

A) Sketch the triangle. Draw a square on each side of the triangle.

B) What are the areas of the three squares?




C)Write an addition staement with the areas of the three squares.

John's Scribepost for December 14, 2009

My question is:

Question 10 pg.92

10. A triangle has side of 120 mm, 160 mm, and 200 mm.
Is the triangle a right triangle? Explain your reasoning?

Yes the triangle is a right triangle. The sum of the areas of the two smaller
squares are equal to the area of the largest square.

2 2 2
120 + 160 = 200


Alvin's Scribepost for December 14, 2009

Question #14

Show whether each triangle in the table is a right triangle.
Triangle Side Lengths
A 9, 12, 15
B 7, 8, 11
C 7, 24, 25
D 16, 30, 34
E 10, 11, 14

Triangle A is a right triangle because 9 squared is 81 and 12 squared is 144, and 15 squared is 225 which then you can make this statement 81 + 144 = 225 ( 9 squared + 12 squared = 15 squared).

Triangle B is not a right triangle because 7 squared is 49 and 8 squared is 64, and 11 squared is 121 which then you can't make an addition statement because 49 + 64 doesn't equal 121 it equals 113.

Triangle C is a right triangle because 7 squared is 49 and 24 squared is 576 , and 15 squared is 625 which then you can make an addition statement because 49 + 576 = 625 ( 7 squared + 24 squared = 25 squared)

Triangle D is a perfect square because 16 squared is 256 and 30 squared is 900, and 34 squared is 1156 which then you can make an addition statement because 256 + 900 = 1156 ( 16 squared + 30 squared = 34 squared)

Triangle E is not a perfect square because 10 squared is 100 and 11 squared is 121, and 14 squared is 196 which cannot make an addition statement because 100 + 121 is clearly 221.

(which I meant addition statement, I really meant Pythagorean theorem)

Kathleen's Scribepost for December 14, 2009

Question #4 on the text book.

What are the areas of the three squares shown ?

e = 900mm2

f = 1600mm2

g = 2500mm2

How to get the area , just mulitply the number by itself.

30mm x 30mm = 900mm2

40mm x 40mm = 1600mm2

50mm x 50mm = 2500mm2

Jim's Pay It Forward

What was your pay it forward act of kindness?

- Giuseppe,Harvey and I (Jim) looked back at all our old clothing and gave it to Perths. Perths is also working with koats for kids , "giuseppe says".

When we went inside we asked the lady if we could donate some outdoor clothing. She said sure why not? So we gave lots of clothes (3).

After we where done we went to Salvation Army. We had left over clothes and toys so we donated it to them

Its wierd. Both ladies in each store said what are you guys doing? i answered with a simple reply. Where just paying it forward :D

Friday, December 11, 2009

Michelle's Scribepost

Questions from the Homework Book.

List the perfect squares immediately BEFORE and AFTER the whole number.

Martina's painting is on a square canvas with an area of 45cm squared. She needs to buy a frame for the painting. Estimate the square's side length to one decimal place. Show your work.
(6.7 x 6.7 =44.89) Is close to 45, since I rounded one decimal place.

Branden's new game board has 225 squares. All of the small squares form one large square. Ho
w many small squares are along one side? Show your work.

( 15 x 15 = 225 ) There were 15 small squares along one side of the game board.

I destroyed the aliens .

when i went to the playground to play , i saw one alien . he said that he will destroy the earth. to save the earth you have to solve 3 math questions.
the first question was : determine the unit rate .
A) three rolls for 99 c .
Answer : 1 roll for 33 c .

the next question : B) seven identical objects have a mass of 14 kg .

answer : 1 object / 2kg
the alien said " wow , you have all of the answers right ! on to the next question "

question :
fresh pickerel is advertised in a local market.
A) how much will 6kg pickerel cost ?

answer: 6 pickerel for $ 52.80

B) use a proportion to find the cost of 1600 g of pickerel.
answer : 16 pickerels for $140.80
the alien said " k , 1 more question "

question : A gardener takes a half hour to mow and weed a lawn that measures 20m by 15m. He charges $25 per hour. How much would the gardener receive for a lawn that measures 40m by 30m?

answer : the gardener will receive $ 50 .

the alien said " WOW , you have all the answers right ! , now I'm not going to destroy the earth (: "

I said " ooh thanks ! "


Vanessa's scribe post for 12-10-09

Heeey everyone, sorry my scribe post is late but here it is...

Today, Ms.Usiskin taught us about right triangles. She labeled a diagram like this ...

We had to put this in the PYTHAGOREAN RELATIONSHIP area of our blue foldable.

right angle - is 90 degrees
legs - the shorter parts of the triangle
hypotenuse - the longest part of the triangle

After we talked about the right triangle a little more, Ms. Usiskin told gave us a sheet of graph paper that we had to cut in half and share the other piece with the person beside us. We then took our half and cut 2 3cm by 3cm, 2 4cm by 4cm, and 1 5cm by 5cm perfect squares. We then had to colour the 3cm by 3cm one colour, the 4cm by 4cm another colour, and the 5cm by 5 cm with no colour.

Sorry I don't have a picture to show you .. I'll post one up asap.

We figured out that we use one of every square. ( one 3cm by 3cm, one 4cm by 4cm, and one 5cm by 5cm ) .

So that's what we did on 12-10-09. Again I'm sorry it's late and I'm also sorry if there are any mistakes. byee...for now .

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Winnipeg Harvest

What is Winnipeg Harvest?

Winnipeg Harvest is a place where you can donate food. They deliver foods to food banks, churches, and other places around Winnipeg. They give food to people who doesn't have the money to buy food.

What we did there?

Not like what the other group did, we didn't put the foods in a plastic bag. Jamie, Princess, Alvin, Mr. Harbeck and I picked onions and potatoes. We separated the good onions and potatoes from the bad ones. Then after we cleaned up the onion skins on the floor.

Why is Winnipeg Harvest important?

Winnipeg Harvest feeds about 40 000 people in one month. They're important because they give food to people who doesn't have anything to eat.

I had a lot of fun there because I experienced something I've never done before. There's a lot of fun times and memories like when Alvin kept on missing in the bin and when Jamie and Princess a potato that looks like E.T.

I hope that we can go there again sometime. Thanks Mr. Harbeck for giving me a chance to work there.

!!!Winnipeg Harvest Joke!!!
Where do you go if you lose a hand??????

In the second-hand store!

Winnipeg Harvest

What is Winnipeg Harvest ?

Winnipeg Harvest was first founded in 1984 by Lee Newton. It's a place where stores like Safeway and people donate extra food so that Winnipeg harvest can send that out to all the Church's, food banks and school for food programs. Winnipeg Harvest gives over 39, 000 people food each month!, and almost have of those recipients were children just like me and you.

What we did there :

Guiseppe, Princess, Jamie, Mr.Harbeck and I picked onions and potatoes. Basically what we did was first Richard I think his name was gave us a tour then Thessa I think that was her name gave us the rest of the tour than gave us our job. Our job was to pick the bad potatoes form the good potatoes and throw the bad ones into a big bin which late would be used agian and the good potatoes would be put into boxes and stacked onto a pallete then to be deilvered to a food bank we did the same with the onions.

Why Winnipeg Harvest is important ?

Winnipeg Harvest is they hand out food to the less fortunate that can't afford to buy thier own groceries. Winnipeg Harvest gives over 39, 000 people food every single month !. Lots of people volunteer there some are even the people that recieve food from Winnipeg Harvest!. Without winnipeg harvest our food banks wouldnt have much food to hand out to the people that live in poverty.

Winnipeg Harvest

Winnipeg Harvest

What is it ?

Winnipeg Harvest is a place were people can donate food, and other things. Volunteers then sort out the donations into different piles. Then they get sent out to many different places. Those places then give things to people who don't have the daily things that they need.

How much do they help out ?

Winnipeg Harvest helps out a lot. They help about 4000 people a month from different places. (That's like 4 times the people in our whole school) Just in Winnipeg there's about 85 food banks, and many soup kitchens and siloam missions. That's not good because we want to have less food banks because that means less people need food and less people are in hunger. They even said that they would be very happy if they close down because no one goes there anymore.. that means no one needs food so everyone is living a fair life.

What did we do ?

Well together with Jamie, Giuseppe, Alvin, and Mr. Harbeck, a guy named Richard talked to us. He told us how important it is to help people out by just volunteering. We also talked about the different places that they help out. Then a girl named Theresa gave us a tour around the whole warehouse. Aftre that we sorted out potatoes and onions into two groups. We took out the good ones and put them into several boxes, and we took the bad ones and threw them out. Before we left we all cleaned up the mess that we made.

Any fun experiences ?

It was actually pretty fun there.. well sort of. There were a couple of jokes that the volunteers told us. One guy said, "What did the math book say to the other math book ? I got nothing but problems!" HAHA. Then he also said, "What would you do if you lost your other hand ? Go to the second hand store!" HAHA. Oh and Theresa told us one more joke, "If a guy that works in the kitchen is Canadian, what do you call a guy that's in the bathroom ? European (you're peeing)" HAHA. Me and Jamie actually found a potato that was almost like a perfect heart shape, and we each took a picture with it. Then Jamie found another potato and in every angle, you can see a different "alien" face. OH ! Alvin and Giuseppe, kept finding a small onion and Jamie was like, "Oh that's so cute!" So Mr.Harbeck said, "Jamie are you tired, because you just called an onion cute." There was so much fun times today, even if volunteering doesn't sound very fun, it was still fun for the four of us.

This trip was pretty fun. I learned a lot, and the people there treated us very nicely, almost like we've been there for a long time already. On behalf of the four of us, I want to thank the teachers that made this trip happen, it really showed me how fun "volunteering" can be. I also want to thank Winnipeg Harvest for letting us work for a few hours, also for helping others when they need them the most.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Riemer Munoz's Pay it Forward !

What is Pay It Forward?

I think that we should help the world become a better place by giving homeless people money or give them food. I can also make a difference in the world by standing up to bullies. You should tell a teacher if someone is bullying you or stand up to them yourself by saying stop it or walk away from them. Do some good deeds you can do are chores, help around the house without being asked, and help people with things.

What was your Pay It forward act of kindness?

What we did for our act of kindness was donating our small clothes to the salvation army. Justin, Noel and I went to Salvation Army. When we went in there with alot of bags the workers said '' Oh, Thank you very Much''. They also said Merry Christmas. We did our act of kindness on December 8, 2009. We chose this activity because we had alot outgrown clothes and we didn't know who to give it to. So we gave it to the salvation army.

How did your act of kindness go?

To me, our act of kindness went very well. I felt really proud of myself when I put the bags full of clothes in the bin. The people working there and the manager were very thankful and one of them took a picture with us. When Noel, Justin and I went in with alot of bags, the lady at the counter opened her mouth really big and I think she gasped.

Why is the idea of Pay it Forward important?

I think that the idea of Pay it Forward is important because we can help every human being on what they need. I think that we made a difference in the world because Justin, Noel, and I donated clothes to salvation army and now most kids will have the clothes they need to keep warm in the winter. They can also be good looking :) An example is a project that my classmates did. Jeric, Elijah, Eman, Sierra, and Kamille went around the school presenting a charity called Koats For Kids. Koats For Kids is a really great example because we have donate our coats that we have grown out of.That is just like us but we are donating clothes not coats. That is why Paying it Forward is very important in my opinon.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Sierra's Scribepost

A square digital photo on the computer has an area of 144 cm².
a) What is the side length of the photo? The side length is 12 cm.
b) The photo is enlarged so that the side length is now 36 cm. What is the area of the enlarged photo? The area of the enlarged photo is1296cm²
c) How many times as large as the original area is the enlarged area? It is 9 times larger.

What is the square of each number?
a) 9 = 81
b) 11
= 121
Determine the value.
a) √9 = 3
b) √25 = 5

c) √ 1600 = 40


What is pay it forward?

When I hear the saying pay it forward, many things pop up in my head. To me I think it is about changing the world just by doing small helpful things. Some good deeds you can do are chores, help around the house without being asked, and help people with things. If one person does a deed to one person, it should grow and grow until the world is a better place. This way, the world could be just like a big family.

What was your Pay It Forward act of kindness?

What we did for our act of kindness was that my group Jeric, Aldrine, Eman, Alvin, and Argie went too the soup kitchen too help out a little. ( I wasn't able to make the first deed with helping Moses ) My very first reaction when we arrived inside the soup kitchen was wow! I never felt more sad and nervous at the same time. There were so much people with mental illness. The manager Ruth, talked to us a little about the place and information about the people in it so we felt a little bit more safe. First, Ruth called up a team meeting. Everyone in the room had to say something about how they are keeping it simple for Christmas. It was fun. SO anyways the big part that we did was made buttered bread and chili.

How did your act of kindness go ?

To me I think that our act of kindness went very well! I never felt more proud, and I felt like I made a huge difference. When we were making the buttered bread I just loved how the whole staff were telling us how much of a good job that we were doing, and for the most part of it, I felt good deep down. When we realised that there was no more bread to butter, we wanted to keep on going and butter the bread for everyone. Not only that we are masters at buttering bread, but we have changed the community in a very big way! One thing that I also enjoyed about our act of kindness was when Ruth called the team meeting. The reason is because everyone got to introduce theirselves to everyone, and that just made me feel more comfortable and safe.

Why is the idea of Paying It Forward important?

The reason why Paying It Forward is important is because we want to help make the world a better place for every humanbeing. If there was no Paying It Forward right now, all of us would be miserable and no one would care for eachother and thats bad! We are suppose to be a big family. A really great example is a project that my classmates and I did. Elijah, Jeric, Kamille, Sierra, Eman, and I went around the school presentating for a charity called Koats For Kids. Koats For Kids is a really great example because we donate our coats that we have grown out of since we were babies. Imagine all those kids out there who don't have those things. They would feel really cold, so a really big thing we can do is donate coats, or any winter gear. Just 1 coat can make a really big difference! That is why Paying it Forward is very important!

Sierra's Pay It Foward.

PART 1- What does Pay it Forward mean to you?
I think Pay it Forward is trying to get a message out to people saying that not only one person can change the world, but if multiple people actually tried to help, it could really make a difference. I think it also means that you shouldn't always think of yourself, but think of others also. If 3 people did good deeds for another 3 people each, I do agree that it will work and make the world a better place.

PART 2- What was your Pay It Forward act of kindness? Kathleen, Michelle and I went to volleyball provincials and handed out Christmas cards.
Why did you choose this activity? Because, it seemed very caring and thoughtful.
Who did you help? We didn't really help anyone.. but, we made them smile.
What did you do? We made a lot of people smile, wished them a safe drive back home, gave out candy canes and get them into the joy of Christmas.
When did you do you act of kindness? At volleyball provincials.

PART 3- How did your act of kindness go? It went well. Except, some people thought we were doing it as a joke because we were recording it also...
What Happened? A couple denied the offer of the card, because we were kids and giving out cards, and I guess it looked like it was a prank? When actually it wasn't.
How did you feel? I felt good afterwards, knowing I did something good.
How did the person or people react? Some thanked us greatly. One even returned our favor by giving the whole junior girls team cookies and rice krispies!
Did you ask the person or people to "Pay It Forward"? Yes, we did.
How did they react to your request? They smiled and thanked us. But, some needed some explaining of what it meant.
If you did not ask the person to "Pay It Forward" how come? We did.

PART 4- Why is the idea of "Pay it Forward" important? Because, it encourages young people to do something good for the world and teaches them to do it on a regular basis.
Has your act of kindness made a difference? In a way it did, because it encouraged others to spread the joy of Christmas. ALSO, we wrote in the cards asking them to do something good for others.

Shania's Pay it Forward

What is "Pay it Forward"?
Pay it forward means that one person can make a big difference in effecting someone else's life in a good way. Sometimes paying it forward doesn't even have to be something really big like saving a life, it can be something simple like cheering up a friend. You never know, what you might think you did is really simple, small and wont make a difference, but through someone else's eyes you might of left a big impact in their life. When you pay it forward your goal should be to help someone who needs help then you get that person to help someone else and so on. When paying it forward you don't hope for something in return, you hope that the person you had helped is helping someone else who needs it. I think that if everyone really tried paying it forward it would work, so pay it forward !

What was your pay it forward act of kindness?
The act of kindness Princess, Elijah, Kamille and I chose to do was to go to the Childrens hospital and the kids some toys and other things. We chose to do this act of kindness because we know how much kids love toys. We also did it because its a good feeling knowing that you were the one that put a smile on a childs face.

How did your act of kindness go?
I think our act of kindness went better than I thought. It kind of sucked that we didn't get to meet the children who were receiving our gifts but I guess I understand, their only looking out for the kids. It would be really nice if the kids knew who we were so they can remember us forever, because I know I'll never forget this. Before we actually did our act of kindness I knew I was gonna feel good, but when we actually did it, it felt so much better than I thought. It's the best feeling knowing you helped someone in a special way. I'll never forget that feeling and I hope that in the future I can help someone in an even bigger way.

Why is the idea of Pay it Forward important?
Pay it forward is important because its good to learn to be giving to people who need just a bit of a boost. Another reason pay it forward is important is because it works, if everyone actually did a really good deed to someone who needs it the world would be a better place. At the same time, nobody and nothings perfect so you can't expect pay it forward to work, but its possible, anythings possible if everyone put the effort in trying to make the world a better place.

(see video on Princess/Elijah's post)

charis' scribepost for dec. 8, 2009

1. which number is a perfect square ?

a) 10
B) 20
D) 100

answer: D , 100.

2. what is the side length of the square in the diagram ?

A) 6 mm
B) 9 mm
C) 12 mm
D) 18 mm

Answer : B, 9 mm

3. A square has a side length of 7 cm. what is the area of the square ?

A) 14 cm2
B) 21 cm2
C) 28 cm2
D) 49 cm2

Answer : D, 49 cm2

John's Pay It Forward

What Is Pay It Forward?

Pay It Forward is like helping someone but instead of them paying you back they help other and tell them to pay it forward. When the kid in the movie went up to the board he started to write down if he helped those three people and told them to pay it forward and each one helped three more it would just keep multiplying and multiplying, so if we do that now the world will be better.

What was Your Pay It Forward act of kindness?

My act of kindness was when, Me, Emmanuel, Jeric, Aldrine, and Argie went to help Moses the janitor with some of his work. We swept the floors, we also cleaned classrooms,hallways,change rooms, and the gym. It was fun helping Moses and it made me feel good inside. When we went the Soup Kitchen Me and the other guys felt scared and nervous I thought I might get hurt because one of the volunteers said some of the homeless people were drug addicts and some people with mental illness, but then another volunteer said if one of the homeless people say stuff to you just tell them and if it gets out of hand they will call the police. Once we were done with the Orientation we got to work we made toast and we buttered lots of loafs of bread and another school made chili for the homeless people. Another activity we were about to do but couldn't because they had a team meeting was they asked us to get a partner and a tray and put bars of soap,tooth paste, tooth brushes, and gloves to the homeless people but we didn't get to do that.

How did Your Act of Kindness go?

When me and the other guys did this we had lots of fun, because most of us never volunteered at a Soup Kitchen or help the Janitor. If you think about it feels pretty good, it's like your helping someone make their life easier or helping them with their job which will be making it easier.
Ruth already Pay's It Forward because she is helping these homeless people get a better future and she feels good inside just because she helping a random stranger. Moses also Pay's It Forward because he picks up garbage and other trash that other students just throw on the ground. So Ruth and Moses have been already Paying It Forward all these years.

Why is the idea of Paying It Forward important?

Its important because if you help someone and they help someone there will be a chain that will keep on going, and that will make the earth a better, cleaner, and safer place for everybody. Imagine if there is a family in need, they have no money for Christmas and they have kids if a group of people donate some food and some money that family will have a good Christmas and if they can manage there family, maybe they will help another family in need of food and money and they get help and if they can manage on there own and this chain will keep on going.
If you have the time go volunteer at a Soup Kitchen or maybe help a neighbor or a family member without being asked.

See Jeric's scribe for the video



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