Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Devin's scribepost for December.8

Hi everyone here are my questions for today.

1.Which number is a perfect square?
a.14cm2 b.21cm2

c.28cm2 d. 100cm2

Answers:The answer is 100 because the side measures is a whole number.

3. A square has a side length of 7cm what is the area of a square?

a.14cm2 b.21cm2

c.28cm2 d.49cm2

Answers:The answer is 49cm2 because if the side length is 7 and multiply it by 7 it will equal 49.

5.The value of 51 is closest to which whole number?
a.7 b.8

c.49 d.51

Answers:The answer is 49

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