Tuesday, December 8, 2009


What is pay it forward?

When I hear the saying pay it forward, many things pop up in my head. To me I think it is about changing the world just by doing small helpful things. Some good deeds you can do are chores, help around the house without being asked, and help people with things. If one person does a deed to one person, it should grow and grow until the world is a better place. This way, the world could be just like a big family.

What was your Pay It Forward act of kindness?

What we did for our act of kindness was that my group Jeric, Aldrine, Eman, Alvin, and Argie went too the soup kitchen too help out a little. ( I wasn't able to make the first deed with helping Moses ) My very first reaction when we arrived inside the soup kitchen was wow! I never felt more sad and nervous at the same time. There were so much people with mental illness. The manager Ruth, talked to us a little about the place and information about the people in it so we felt a little bit more safe. First, Ruth called up a team meeting. Everyone in the room had to say something about how they are keeping it simple for Christmas. It was fun. SO anyways the big part that we did was made buttered bread and chili.

How did your act of kindness go ?

To me I think that our act of kindness went very well! I never felt more proud, and I felt like I made a huge difference. When we were making the buttered bread I just loved how the whole staff were telling us how much of a good job that we were doing, and for the most part of it, I felt good deep down. When we realised that there was no more bread to butter, we wanted to keep on going and butter the bread for everyone. Not only that we are masters at buttering bread, but we have changed the community in a very big way! One thing that I also enjoyed about our act of kindness was when Ruth called the team meeting. The reason is because everyone got to introduce theirselves to everyone, and that just made me feel more comfortable and safe.

Why is the idea of Paying It Forward important?

The reason why Paying It Forward is important is because we want to help make the world a better place for every humanbeing. If there was no Paying It Forward right now, all of us would be miserable and no one would care for eachother and thats bad! We are suppose to be a big family. A really great example is a project that my classmates and I did. Elijah, Jeric, Kamille, Sierra, Eman, and I went around the school presentating for a charity called Koats For Kids. Koats For Kids is a really great example because we donate our coats that we have grown out of since we were babies. Imagine all those kids out there who don't have those things. They would feel really cold, so a really big thing we can do is donate coats, or any winter gear. Just 1 coat can make a really big difference! That is why Paying it Forward is very important!

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