Thursday, December 10, 2009

Winnipeg Harvest

Winnipeg Harvest

What is it ?

Winnipeg Harvest is a place were people can donate food, and other things. Volunteers then sort out the donations into different piles. Then they get sent out to many different places. Those places then give things to people who don't have the daily things that they need.

How much do they help out ?

Winnipeg Harvest helps out a lot. They help about 4000 people a month from different places. (That's like 4 times the people in our whole school) Just in Winnipeg there's about 85 food banks, and many soup kitchens and siloam missions. That's not good because we want to have less food banks because that means less people need food and less people are in hunger. They even said that they would be very happy if they close down because no one goes there anymore.. that means no one needs food so everyone is living a fair life.

What did we do ?

Well together with Jamie, Giuseppe, Alvin, and Mr. Harbeck, a guy named Richard talked to us. He told us how important it is to help people out by just volunteering. We also talked about the different places that they help out. Then a girl named Theresa gave us a tour around the whole warehouse. Aftre that we sorted out potatoes and onions into two groups. We took out the good ones and put them into several boxes, and we took the bad ones and threw them out. Before we left we all cleaned up the mess that we made.

Any fun experiences ?

It was actually pretty fun there.. well sort of. There were a couple of jokes that the volunteers told us. One guy said, "What did the math book say to the other math book ? I got nothing but problems!" HAHA. Then he also said, "What would you do if you lost your other hand ? Go to the second hand store!" HAHA. Oh and Theresa told us one more joke, "If a guy that works in the kitchen is Canadian, what do you call a guy that's in the bathroom ? European (you're peeing)" HAHA. Me and Jamie actually found a potato that was almost like a perfect heart shape, and we each took a picture with it. Then Jamie found another potato and in every angle, you can see a different "alien" face. OH ! Alvin and Giuseppe, kept finding a small onion and Jamie was like, "Oh that's so cute!" So Mr.Harbeck said, "Jamie are you tired, because you just called an onion cute." There was so much fun times today, even if volunteering doesn't sound very fun, it was still fun for the four of us.

This trip was pretty fun. I learned a lot, and the people there treated us very nicely, almost like we've been there for a long time already. On behalf of the four of us, I want to thank the teachers that made this trip happen, it really showed me how fun "volunteering" can be. I also want to thank Winnipeg Harvest for letting us work for a few hours, also for helping others when they need them the most.

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