Friday, December 11, 2009

Vanessa's scribe post for 12-10-09

Heeey everyone, sorry my scribe post is late but here it is...

Today, Ms.Usiskin taught us about right triangles. She labeled a diagram like this ...

We had to put this in the PYTHAGOREAN RELATIONSHIP area of our blue foldable.

right angle - is 90 degrees
legs - the shorter parts of the triangle
hypotenuse - the longest part of the triangle

After we talked about the right triangle a little more, Ms. Usiskin told gave us a sheet of graph paper that we had to cut in half and share the other piece with the person beside us. We then took our half and cut 2 3cm by 3cm, 2 4cm by 4cm, and 1 5cm by 5cm perfect squares. We then had to colour the 3cm by 3cm one colour, the 4cm by 4cm another colour, and the 5cm by 5 cm with no colour.

Sorry I don't have a picture to show you .. I'll post one up asap.

We figured out that we use one of every square. ( one 3cm by 3cm, one 4cm by 4cm, and one 5cm by 5cm ) .

So that's what we did on 12-10-09. Again I'm sorry it's late and I'm also sorry if there are any mistakes. byee...for now .

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