Thursday, December 3, 2009

John's Questions

So here are my questions. I chose the questions:

11.What is the square of each number?

A) 9

Answer: The answer is 81 because 9x9=81.

B) 11

Answer: The answer is 121 because 11x11=121

My second question is:

17. A fridge magnet has an area of 54 mm2. Is 54 a perfect square? Use prime factorization to find the answer.

Answer: The answer is 2x3x3x3. And 54 is not a perfect square because it has an odd number of factors of 2 and 3.

Please comment and tell me if I did anything wrong so I can fix it.



Kamille841 said...

Good job John ! I like your pictures and your explaintion but you can expand on it. You shouldnt use bright colours cause it hurt my eyes and i couldnt really see it.

vanessa841 said...

Good job John ! I like your pictures and the way you explained it. I agree with Kamille on 2 things, you should expand the post but explaining how you exactly got to that answer and don't use bright colours. Overall good job !

sierra841 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
sierra841 said...

You could have made the post more organized by maybe bolding the questions, so they would be more visible. By some answers, you choosed the "simple" answer, you could have answered it with more details and it would have made your post a better scribe. Otherwise, GOOD JOB.

angaldrine said...

Good job john youve got colors and picture but you should of put the homework that we did. i agree with sierra . Other then that Great Job


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