Thursday, December 10, 2009

Winnipeg Harvest

What is Winnipeg Harvest?

Winnipeg Harvest is a place where you can donate food. They deliver foods to food banks, churches, and other places around Winnipeg. They give food to people who doesn't have the money to buy food.

What we did there?

Not like what the other group did, we didn't put the foods in a plastic bag. Jamie, Princess, Alvin, Mr. Harbeck and I picked onions and potatoes. We separated the good onions and potatoes from the bad ones. Then after we cleaned up the onion skins on the floor.

Why is Winnipeg Harvest important?

Winnipeg Harvest feeds about 40 000 people in one month. They're important because they give food to people who doesn't have anything to eat.

I had a lot of fun there because I experienced something I've never done before. There's a lot of fun times and memories like when Alvin kept on missing in the bin and when Jamie and Princess a potato that looks like E.T.

I hope that we can go there again sometime. Thanks Mr. Harbeck for giving me a chance to work there.

!!!Winnipeg Harvest Joke!!!
Where do you go if you lose a hand??????

In the second-hand store!

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