Monday, December 7, 2009

Jeric's Pay it Foward

Part 1

Pay it forward to me means lots of things. Well the first thing it means to me is that like when you help one person with one thing, that person can help 3 people with another thing. Also pay it forward to me can also mean that even the smallest deeds can make a big difference in people's lives because it would mean that we care about that person. So really pay it forward would mean like if you help one person big or small it could change the world.

Part 2

My pay it forward was to help the janitors and the soup kitchen. We chose this activity because we realized that the janitors do things without being asked and they looked really exhausted so we decided to help them. We also chose this activity because going to the soup kitchen would have been a really good experience to see things we weren't used to. What we did was we cleaned some parts of the school like mopping and for the soup kitchen we buttered bread so we could help feed the hungry. Our act of kindness for helping the janitors I think was on November 30 and our act of kindness for helping the soup kitchen was on December 5.

Part 3

To me I think our act of kindness went extremely well. When I was doing my act of kindness I felt this butterfly feeling in my stomach like I know I helped and changed someone. When our group helped the janitors they looked so relieved to see us helping and it looked like they could use a break. When we helped the janitors I saw smiles and relief in there face and they could just relax. Also when the group was at the soup kitchen ( Immaculate Conception Parish ) I saw things I couldn't normally see in everyday things. When we were buttering bread for the homeless I felt really good to help in a community and help people who don't normally get the food we get everyday. So I think our act of kindness was really great.

Part 4

I think the idea of Pay it Forward is important because we want to help people in many different ways because we want too. By helping people in many different ways, we can change people and also encourage them to help others as well. For example, if I was to give a cold child a coat that child in 15 years could help another cold child who doesn't have a coat. Yes, I do believe my act of kindness made a difference in people because now, when ever our janitors clean, I can tell that they remembered our group helping them clean the school. This is why I think Pay it Forward is really important.

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