Tuesday, December 8, 2009

John's Pay It Forward

What Is Pay It Forward?

Pay It Forward is like helping someone but instead of them paying you back they help other and tell them to pay it forward. When the kid in the movie went up to the board he started to write down if he helped those three people and told them to pay it forward and each one helped three more it would just keep multiplying and multiplying, so if we do that now the world will be better.

What was Your Pay It Forward act of kindness?

My act of kindness was when, Me, Emmanuel, Jeric, Aldrine, and Argie went to help Moses the janitor with some of his work. We swept the floors, we also cleaned classrooms,hallways,change rooms, and the gym. It was fun helping Moses and it made me feel good inside. When we went the Soup Kitchen Me and the other guys felt scared and nervous I thought I might get hurt because one of the volunteers said some of the homeless people were drug addicts and some people with mental illness, but then another volunteer said if one of the homeless people say stuff to you just tell them and if it gets out of hand they will call the police. Once we were done with the Orientation we got to work we made toast and we buttered lots of loafs of bread and another school made chili for the homeless people. Another activity we were about to do but couldn't because they had a team meeting was they asked us to get a partner and a tray and put bars of soap,tooth paste, tooth brushes, and gloves to the homeless people but we didn't get to do that.

How did Your Act of Kindness go?

When me and the other guys did this we had lots of fun, because most of us never volunteered at a Soup Kitchen or help the Janitor. If you think about it feels pretty good, it's like your helping someone make their life easier or helping them with their job which will be making it easier.
Ruth already Pay's It Forward because she is helping these homeless people get a better future and she feels good inside just because she helping a random stranger. Moses also Pay's It Forward because he picks up garbage and other trash that other students just throw on the ground. So Ruth and Moses have been already Paying It Forward all these years.

Why is the idea of Paying It Forward important?

Its important because if you help someone and they help someone there will be a chain that will keep on going, and that will make the earth a better, cleaner, and safer place for everybody. Imagine if there is a family in need, they have no money for Christmas and they have kids if a group of people donate some food and some money that family will have a good Christmas and if they can manage there family, maybe they will help another family in need of food and money and they get help and if they can manage on there own and this chain will keep on going.
If you have the time go volunteer at a Soup Kitchen or maybe help a neighbor or a family member without being asked.

See Jeric's scribe for the video


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