Monday, December 7, 2009

Princess' Pay It Forward

Pay It Forward
(What Does It Mean To
To me, it means that it doesn't matter who you are, or where you are, you can always do something to change the world. It’s like what people always say "One person can make a big difference". I also think it means that you don't always need something in return every time you do or give something nice to someone. To me, the best thank you is the feeling that you get when you help someone. It’s like this, whenever I make someone's day or just makes them smile, I can't help but feel all soft inside, and I love that feeling, it's the best "thank you" for me. Helping someone doesn't have to mean get their job and do it for them, it means teaching and telling them how to do it, so the next time they can do it by themselves. Also if you ever want to help the world, think of yourself first, because once you’ve helped all your problems, that's when you have enough time to save other people's problems. They say "the easiest person to help is you".

Our Act Of Kindness
Together with Elijah, Shania, and Kamille, our Pay It Forward act of kindness was that we gave gifts like toys and other things to the Children's Hospital Foundation Of Manitoba. We chose this act of kindness because we wanted to to give smiles in the kids' faces and make them happy with toys and the things they wanted this season. We did our act of kindness on November 27th Friday 2009.


Our act of kindness actually went pretty good, we kind of got lost trying to find the Children's Hospital Foundation, because we got different directions form different people so we didn't know where to follow. It was all worth it though, especially with all feelings gushing out of me. I felt so proud of the four of us. I never thought it would turn out like this. We didn't get to see the kids though. But that doesn't really matter because we know that they'll appreciate everything that we gave them. Somethings did really turn out as we planned, they were even better. The lady that we gave the gifts to was named, Donna, and she was very thankful of what we did. She said she wouldn't think that kids like us would do so much just to give smiles on the kids' faces. She asked what pay it forward is? So we answered , "It's when some one does some thing nice for you and then you send the good deed back to someone else". So we asked her if she can do that too and she said she'll do it.

The Importance Of "Pay It Forward"

For me, Pay It Forward is important because not a lot of people do it, and they don't notice how easy it is. Giving compliments are not that hard yet it can make anyone smile. Being sick doesn't just mean physically sick, but there's people in the world who are also emotionally sick, like some people are depressed, giving them greeting card won't hurt would it? By doing that you can help them believe in their self more. Pay It Forward doesn't have to big and beyond to make a difference, it can be small, and it can count a lot to some people.

I think our act of kindness made at least a small difference. Well I think we reached our goal, which was to make the kids happy this season. We also made the people at the hospital happy. So when they're happy I'll end up being happy too. Also I would've never thought of doing something like this, I want to thank all the teachers who helped up see how important "Pay It Forward" is.

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