Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Elijah's Pay it Forward

What is Pay it Forward ?

At first when I heard, "Pay it Forward." I thought that it just ment pay someone with money because you owe them. But as I was watching the movie, Ilearnt about what it actually meant, but I'm still not sure. Pay it forward can have different meanings to other people. Some people might now know what it means even after watching the movie.

So what,"Pay it Forward" means to me is that we can change the world one step at a time. By that I mean we can all step up to help everyone who is having trouble. You can be an adult or a child and they can be poor or rich. It doesn't matter we all have to help each other. Like in the movie, someone does a good deed to you, then you'll have to pass on a good deed to someone and it the good deed will keep going. Just try to imagine yourself in another persons shoes. Then you'll know if they need help.

Get out of your own little world and remember that there are other people too. Even if your just a child do not get intimadated, just because you're small and young. Or an old person feeling like, you're helpless. We can all help each other by doing big things or just small things. At least you made someone smile. (:

What was our act of kindness ?

Princess, Shania, Kamille and I donated toys and simple little things that the kids would want. The reason why, was because we wanted the kids to have a gift for this season. We also wanted to see the kids all joyful because of the toys. But, first we had to contact the Childrens Hospital in 840 Sherbrook Street and we bought them the toys from the list. Our goal was to try to help all the children in the hospital have a gift. But I think that they'll just share the toys. We did our acts of kindness in November 27, 2009, friday , 11:30 am.

Results .

I think that our act of kindness went great ! At first, Kamille and I searched the Childrens Hospital's phone number in the internet. The next day Shania talked to Donna the girl who worked at The Children's Hospital Foundation of Manitoba. First of all we asked if we can give the children toys and she said," Yes, you can." Then she emailed us a list of things of what to buy. The list was filled with simple little things that was easy to buy like, coloring books, pencil crayons and cool bandaids. For some reason we started,"awwuu-ing" we felt sad for some reason. Then I saw DISPOSABLE CAMERA bolded, I showed the other's and then next thing , we went to Wal-Mart and Dollarama.

After all the shopping we spent about 95 dollars. I was happy with the result because, we spent money on kids we don't even know but we still care for them.. We then wrapped all the toys together. Then we went to the Childrens Hospital. I remember coming in the hospital with a big smile on my face because I felt proud because I've never done anything like this before. We were walking around walking to elevators trying to look for the foundation room. While we were walking, I saw little kids on wheel chairs and some of them were dissabled. I felt really sad, but I didnt show the others...

Then we found the foundation room and we met Donna and we gave her the gift. She was happy and pleased. She asked,"Why did you guys do this ?" We said,"It's for our Pay it Forward, so can you do a good deed too ?" She had a confused look on her face, but then it turned into a smile after. Then she said,"Will do" (:

Why is Pay it Forward important ?

The reason why "Pay it Forward" is important , for me is because, hardly anyone notice that there's other people that's less fortunate than them. So they don't do anything to help them. But not all people that you can help is sick or depressed. There's people out there that you can help by sending them cards or greeting them .. I think that our act of kindness made a difference. Well first of all, we reached our main goal, to make the kids happy (: . We also made the three nurses that worked in the foundation happy. It also made me happy, because I really never had thought of doing something like this before now I have ! I hope that " Pay it Forward " changed you too .

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