Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Giuseppe's Pay it Forward

Part 1
Pay it Forward is a way of helping people. It works by you helping three people then those three people helping another three people.

Part 2
My group and I decided to do Koats for kids. We chose this because.....first we want to help people who doesn't have clothes or money to buy clothes for winter, and second we have lots of clothes at home that we're not wearing. We did our act of kindness on December 8 09.

Part 3
Our plan didn't work at the first place. We were supposed to volunteer to clean up at Silver City but when we saw what Elijah's group did, we decided to do something bigger. That's why we did Koats for Kids. We went to Perth's but they only accept winter coats so we gave our other clothes to Salvation Army. It's fun. It's cold but we helped some people. The person who took the clothes was really glad that we donated some clothes for the people who needs it.

I didn't ask them to pay it forward because I forgot to. The only thing in my mind was taking pictures.

( Don't comment about the video! I can't upload it. I'll just bring it to school tommorow.)

Part 4
The idea of Pay it Forward is important because it gives help to the people who needs help. I think my act of kindness made a difference because we just saved some people from getting sick and frostbites.

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