Thursday, December 3, 2009

Riemer's scribepost for December 3, 09

Question 21

Kate is going to put a patio in her backyard. The patio stones she is using each have an area of 1 m2. She has created the rectangular design shown. 

a)What is the area of the patio? 

The area of the patio is 56m. 

14 x 4 = 56

b) What are the dimensions of another rectangular patio she could build with the same area? 

Another rectangular patio she could build with the same area is 8 x 7. 

8 x 7 = 56

c) Kate decides to make a patio with the same area but she wants it to be a square with whole number side lengths. Is this possible? Explain your reasoning. 

I think that this isn't possible because it has a decimal and 56 is not a perfect square.

Question 25

A square digital photo on the computer has an area of 144 cm2. 

a) What is the side length of the photo? 

b) The photo is enlarged so that the side length is now 36 cm. What is the area of the enlarged photo? 

36 x 36 = 1296 squared

c) How many times as large as the original area is the enlarged area? that it is not a perfect square. 



elijah841 said...

Hey Riemer ,

Good job ! But, for question 21, a) you should put why did you multiply the " 14 x 4 " together . Also, for c) you should explain why nmber 56 is not a perfect square .. like the sqaure root of a 56 is a decimal ...

sierra841 said...

Good job. I like how you took pictures, and had the time to add them into your scribe. Also, on question 25, you could put "144 cm squared" instead of "144cm2"

vanessa 8-41 said...

Good job Riemer ! I liked your use of colour and the way you organized your post. For question 21a), I agree with Elijah, you should explain how you got to that answer and show it somehow. Just a reminder, there is a squared 2 on character map. Your green that you chose, isn't such a great green to use mostly because its too bright, but I understand that you want it to stand out. Overall good job.

angaldrine said...

Good job Riemer i liked how you put photos in and colors. same with me i agree with elijah but you did an awesome job the pictures are clear and put a lot of effort. :D good job awesome work

emmanuel841 said...

Good Job Riemer,
You could have explained how, and why you got those numbers you did to find the areas of the patios, like elijah and vanessa said. Also for nextime, you should be aware of the colours you use. But overall, this was a great scribepost.


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