Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Alvin's Pay it forward

What does pay it forward mean to me ?
Well pay it forward means a lot of different things to me. One thing is helping people when they are in the need of help E.g ( When someone is short 25 cents when wanting to buy a bag of chips because they are starving) and later on someone might help you. Another thing is you can clean up the environment by picking up waste and driving cleaner cars or car pooling so that people in the future won't have to live with as much pollution as we live with right now. One last thing is that if you respect someone the same person will respect you so everyone gets together well then we won't have as much war and have more peace !

What was my pay it forward act of kindness ?
My pay it forward act of kindness was to go to a soup kitchen (were people that can't afford food on their own go both kids and adults) and volunteer by helping them prepare the food so that they could make the food quicker so that the hungry people sitting outside could be fed.

Why did you choose this activity ?
My group and I chose this activity because we wanted to help out and have a new experience at the same time. We never had been to a soup kitchen before and wanted to see how it was like inside because, a soup kitchen is where all the homeless people eat and we wanted to help out the people that cannot afford their own food.

Who did you help ?
We helped the homeless people that couldn't afford their own food so they had to go to a soup kitchen to be fed.

What did you do ?
We were back in the kitchen preparing some food for the people to eat. Our job was to butter the bread ( we had to butter lots and lots of bread ), so that more of the other adults could focus on making the chili that was gonna go with our buttered bread.

When did you do your act of kindness ?
We did our act of kindness on Sunday, December 6, 2009 around noon hour until late afternoon. We gave up lunch time to help prepare food for other people. Before the homeless came in to eat.

How did your act of kindness go ?

My act of kindness went great because me and my group got to help the volunteer's inside the kitchen by helping them butter lots of bread so they could work on the chili and we fed lots and lots of homeless people.

What happened ?

Well alot happened, first when we went in the lady gave us a long speech about safety and why people come here. Next she gave us a tour of the back room that had soaps and toothpaste all the way to the kitchen. Then there was a team meeting where all the volunteers would go and talk about things, like we all stood in a circle then we went around and everyone had to say how they would make there christmas simple and I said "Hi, my name is Alvin and I'm from Sargent Park and this Christmas I'm looking forward to spending time with my family". After that everyone got working on the food and my group was buttering bread. After we were done the same lady from the beggining asked us about our experience today.

How did it feel ?

Helping people so that they could help others felt great and extremely new and exciting for me because when we buttered the bread so that the homeless people out there could eat it I felt good because we conquered their hungry so that they could focus on other things, like finding a job or raising their kids.

How did the person or people react ?

The people reacted in excitment and relief because they had Jr.Highs helping them in the kitchen so they could finish the food faster and that they would see the youth of the community help them prepare food for the less fortunate people.

If you did not ask the person to "pay it forward" how come ?

I didn't ask the person to pay it forward because well there was so many, many volunteers, and that we were so busy doing this and doing that we didn't have much time. But on the other hand we did tell her about our project and how we were helping people buying paying it forward at the beggining of the time we were there.

Why is the idea "Pay it forward" important ?

The idea "Pay it forward" is important because it tells us to help other people and if the other person benefits from your help they will help more people then that person would help more people, ect. It also means that you can help around the house our your community without being asked and volunteer every once in a while.

Has your act of kindness made a difference ?

Yes I think we made a small difference at least !, because we helped the people in the kitchen so that the people that usually do that job can help other people so that they could prepare other food quicker and feed the homeless. Also that we helped make food for the homeless for me I think is helping the homemess people alot.


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