Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Riemer Munoz's Pay it Forward !

What is Pay It Forward?

I think that we should help the world become a better place by giving homeless people money or give them food. I can also make a difference in the world by standing up to bullies. You should tell a teacher if someone is bullying you or stand up to them yourself by saying stop it or walk away from them. Do some good deeds you can do are chores, help around the house without being asked, and help people with things.

What was your Pay It forward act of kindness?

What we did for our act of kindness was donating our small clothes to the salvation army. Justin, Noel and I went to Salvation Army. When we went in there with alot of bags the workers said '' Oh, Thank you very Much''. They also said Merry Christmas. We did our act of kindness on December 8, 2009. We chose this activity because we had alot outgrown clothes and we didn't know who to give it to. So we gave it to the salvation army.

How did your act of kindness go?

To me, our act of kindness went very well. I felt really proud of myself when I put the bags full of clothes in the bin. The people working there and the manager were very thankful and one of them took a picture with us. When Noel, Justin and I went in with alot of bags, the lady at the counter opened her mouth really big and I think she gasped.

Why is the idea of Pay it Forward important?

I think that the idea of Pay it Forward is important because we can help every human being on what they need. I think that we made a difference in the world because Justin, Noel, and I donated clothes to salvation army and now most kids will have the clothes they need to keep warm in the winter. They can also be good looking :) An example is a project that my classmates did. Jeric, Elijah, Eman, Sierra, and Kamille went around the school presenting a charity called Koats For Kids. Koats For Kids is a really great example because we have donate our coats that we have grown out of.That is just like us but we are donating clothes not coats. That is why Paying it Forward is very important in my opinon.

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