Thursday, December 3, 2009

Vanessa's scribe post for 12-02-09

Heeeey everyone ... sorry my scribe post is late but here it is...Today, Ms. U handed our tests back on squares. She told us that we could revise them at home and attempt to get a better mark than what we have. If we didn't do anything to it then we would get that mark we already had. We had either an M,E,R, or F on each question of our test and it was all up to us whether we want a better mark or not. We were then told to finish our blue foldables. Next, we were told to do questions 6, 9, 11, 13, 15, 17, 19, 20, 21, and 25 on page 85 in our text book. Here are the questions...

6. A rectangle has an area of 64m²

a) Determine the prime factorization of 64.
b) Is 64 a perfect square?
c) Draw a square with that area and label it's side length.

9. What is the area of a square with each side length?

a) 10 b) 16

11. What is the square of each number?

a) 9 b) 11

13. What is the side length of the square shown?

15. Evaluate.

a) b) c)

17. A fridge magnet has an area of 54mm². Is 54 a perfect square? Use prime factorization to find the answer.

19. The gym teacher told the students to run twice around the perimeter of the school field. The area of the square field is 28 900m². What distance did the students run?

20. Adam's uncle had instructions for building a shed. One page of the instructions, shown below, is not very clear.

a) What is the area of the rectangles?
b) What is the side length of the square?

21. Kate is going to put a patio in her backyard. The patio stones she is using each have an area of 1m². She has created the rectangular design shown.

a) What is the area of the patio?
b) What are the dimensions of another patio she could build with the same area?
c) Kate decides to make a patio with the same area but she wants it to be a square with whole number side lengths. Is this possible? Explain your reasoning.

25. A square digital photo on the computer has an area of 144cm².

a) What is the side length of the photo?
b) The photo is enlarged so that the side length now is 36cm. What is the area of the enlarged photo?
c) How many times as large as the original area is the enlarged area?

Well theres my scribe post for 12-02-09... Hope I made you happy Harbeck and hope you guys enjoy it. COMMENT LOTS ! byee ♥


vanessa 8-41 said...

sorry it turned out weird. Blogger was acting up and it wouldn't let me align the questions.

giuseppe841 said...

its ok. good job.
but your only supposed to do two questions. good job again.

giuseppe841 said...

Oh my bad. I see you only answered two questions.

elijah841 said...

Hey Vannesa ,

Good job ! Uhm, thnx for putting up the questions for us . :D Even though you didnt have too . so yea, thnx .

vanessa 8-41 said...

hahah oops . oh well ! i put it up anyways :P

sierra841 said...

For 15, maybe you could line up A) B) C) where they are right ontop of the picture they are representing. Otherwise, good job!


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