Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Devin's pay it foward

Part 1

What does pay it foward mean to you?

I think pay it foward means that you cant think about yourself you should think about other people and there promblems.Example if you see somebody that is hurt you should help them or tell a teacher or parent.Another one is if your family or A loved one has a drinking promblem you could incourage them to get better and if you really want them to get better you could pay for there reabilitation.It also could mean after you do something good to that person he or she has to pay it foward.

Part 2

What was your act of kindness?

Ronny,Alex,Kenny and I did A act of kindness.We put left over haloween candy in A ziplock bag and we put a sticky on it that says pay it foward and we put it on people's mailboxes.We choose this activity because we wanted to pay it foward to the people so we put candy in people's mailboxes.We did this yesterday right after school.

Part 3

Our act of kindness went good we put at least 20 bags in all the mailboxes.We asked the people to pay it fowardby putting a stickyon the bag.I dont really know how the people reacted but they were probably happy that we tryed to pay it foward.

Part 4

The idea of pay it foward is making a difference by helping people with there promblems or giving them gifts or babysitting for free.I think our act of kindness made a difference because we give to the comunity and we asked them to pay it foward.

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