Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Emmanuel's Pay it Forward

What is "Pay it Forward"?
Pay it Forward to me is like a whole new different level of the world "help". Because paying it forward, is like helping people, but so much more faster! Instead of helping the person that helped you, you thank them, and help someone else. So like in the movie, if you help 2 people, those two people help 2 other people, so they help 4. Then those 4 people help two people and they help 8! So the help just builds up more and more and more! As people help each other, the world becomes more friendly, safer, and cleaner! So as you see, paying it forward, is a great way to help people in need, and to change the world!

What was your Pay It Forward act of kindness?
For our acts of kindness, my friends Jeric, Argie, John, Aldrine, and helped our janitor Moses to clean up the school! When we helped Moses, we swept all around the school. We cleaned classrooms, hallways, change rooms, and the gym. We had lots of fun sweeping, because as a group, we made the best out of it by helping each other. A few days later, we went to a soup kitchen called "Immaculake Concepcion Tarish". In this soup kitchen, were many poor and homeless people. The manager Ruth, told us many interesting things about this soup kitchen. She told us that all the food, and other items like soap, tooth brushes, and tooth paste, are all donations! Also, there were many different girls from other schools that were working there as well. She also told us how this charity was started by volounteering teenagers! When we were at the soup kitchen, we helped make toast, and chili. The atmosphere in the building was much more different than I thought it would be. When we got there, we felt very scared, but when we got to meet all the volounteers, and workers, we felt more safe and welcomed!

How did your act of kindness go?
When we did these acts of kindness, we had a lot of fun, because I have never done those kind of things before. When I knew that I helped someone have a better life, or make their job easier, I felt like I have made a huge accomplishment. When we were helping our janitor Moses, we felt happy, and excited all the way through. But in the soup kitchen, when we got there, we felt scared, and nervous, because we didn't know what was going to happen, becauset his place was filled with many people with mental illness'. But when we got to know the staff, and the volounteers more better, we felt more welcomed and safe, and were able to enjoy our time at the soup kitchen much more! For Moses, we did not ask him to pay it forward, because when you think of it, he is helping to keep our school keep a nice clean image! Everyday, he stays at the school late to clean all the garbage kids don't take the time to to put it in it's proper place! Also for Ruth, the manager of the soup kitchen, we did not ask her to pay it forward as well, because every single day, she helps many different homeless, or poor people, by feeding them, and giving them supplies like tooth brushes, soaps, and tooth paste! So Moses and Ruth have been doing a great job of paying it forward for a very long time!

Why is the idea of Paying it Forward important?
Paying it forward is very important, because paying it forward is helping! With help, you can get a much more friendly and safe environment. Because if no one on earth helped each other, how do you think we would live? Well when in my opinion, we would probably be living a bad life! Because if no one helped each other, if someone is struggling, they would not be able to do something. Like if someone is living poorly, or on the streets, a way that we can help them is by donating clothes, food, or money! Same with countries in poverty! We always try to help them! And by helping them, we make their environment cleaner, and safer. I am hoping very much that my group and I's act of kindness has made a difference, because the whole point of this project was to try and make a difference. But in my opinion we did a great job, because doing this inspired me and maybe others, to volounteer more often, and help more people...just because!

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