Thursday, December 10, 2009

Winnipeg Harvest

What is Winnipeg Harvest ?

Winnipeg Harvest was first founded in 1984 by Lee Newton. It's a place where stores like Safeway and people donate extra food so that Winnipeg harvest can send that out to all the Church's, food banks and school for food programs. Winnipeg Harvest gives over 39, 000 people food each month!, and almost have of those recipients were children just like me and you.

What we did there :

Guiseppe, Princess, Jamie, Mr.Harbeck and I picked onions and potatoes. Basically what we did was first Richard I think his name was gave us a tour then Thessa I think that was her name gave us the rest of the tour than gave us our job. Our job was to pick the bad potatoes form the good potatoes and throw the bad ones into a big bin which late would be used agian and the good potatoes would be put into boxes and stacked onto a pallete then to be deilvered to a food bank we did the same with the onions.

Why Winnipeg Harvest is important ?

Winnipeg Harvest is they hand out food to the less fortunate that can't afford to buy thier own groceries. Winnipeg Harvest gives over 39, 000 people food every single month !. Lots of people volunteer there some are even the people that recieve food from Winnipeg Harvest!. Without winnipeg harvest our food banks wouldnt have much food to hand out to the people that live in poverty.

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