Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Vanessa's Pay it Foward

What does " Pay it Forward " mean ?

There are many definitions for the three words, " Pay it Forward ". If we all get together and share our thoughts on paying it forward, there are so many different ideas that we could do. To me " Pay it Forward " means to do good unexpected good deeds for people and tell them to do the same and they do unexpected good deeds and tell others to " Pay it Forward " and so on and so on. All of a sudden everyone's doing good deeds and the world becomes a better place. Even if one person does something, they are still making a difference. I can help " Pay it Forward " by picking up litter, volunteering at a homeless shelter or a humane society, perform for sick kids or even for charity. I can go on and on and list so many different things that others and I can do.

What was your act of kindness you performed ?

The act of kindness I performed along with my friends Charis and Ammorn, was volunteering at a school, my old school Victoria-Albert School.
We decided to perform this act of kindness because since people help us out at Sargent, we thought we should do the same and help out Victoria-Albert because they've helped me out and I thought that it was a perfect opportunity to show that I am very thankful. This week, Charis, Darlene, Ammorn and I handed out candy canes with a greeting card.

How did your act of kindness go ?

Our act of kindness was fun and interesting. When we did our acts of kindness, I especially felt good about myself mostly because I know I helped other people besides myself. I'm pretty sure the others agree, it was a fun and interesting experience and I'm pretty sure they are proud of themselves too !

Why is the idea of paying it forward so important ?

I think that the idea of paying it forward is so important because we learn to help each other out and become an even better person. When you do an unexpected good deed for someone, it adds on and next thing you know everyone is becoming an even better person. It's pretty important because we're helping the world out little by little, even if it's little change, we're still changing the world. So basically, this is why paying it forward is so important.


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