Friday, November 13, 2009

How I stopped an Alien Invation using Proportion

One day I was coming home from school, and suddenly when I was going to go unlock the door. A light flashed into my eyes, and I looked up and noticed there was a UFO on top of my house floating. Some weird forms of life, came down and said " We don't come in peace, and we will destroy your city unless you help us out with our proportion problem. " I was thinking, " Has time stopped, because my family isn't moving? " The alien said " It is up to you now, to help us with our problems or we will destroy this city, if your answer is wrong say GOOD-BYE to everyone. " I was so scared, everyone's life was at stake and it was up to me to save them.

The first question they asked me was:
What is the unit rate for each? a) Two pens cost 94 cents.
I quickly thought " What was 94 divided by 2 ? " I answered 47 cents.

b) Four blocks stacked one on top of the other are 24 cm.
My heart was beating fast, and I said " One block is 6cm high.

The second question was:
A small gear turns 18 times in the same time that a large gear turns 4 times. How many times will the large gear turn if the small gear turns 54 time? Draw a diagram to help set up a proportion and solve the problem.
"The large gear turns 12 times." I said.

The third question was:
14. Last night 30 cm of snow fell in 6h. If it continues snowing at the same rate, how long will it take for 45 cm of snow to fall?
Finally I was so happy to be done, I yelled to them " 9 HOURS ! "

Then, they left so fast its like nothing ever happened. The time wasn't frozen anymore, and my whole family was looking at me weirdly because I looked so happy to see them back in motion. They never believed my story and they thought I must have hit my head on something. But in my head I knew that I saved our city. (:

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