Tuesday, October 6, 2009

John's Scribepost for October 6,2009 BOB

Different types of graphs:

Bar Graph- The most used graph to represent data.

Double Bar Graphs- Almost the same thing as the single bar graph but is known for comparing 2 different things.

Line graphs- A graph that uses points connected by lines to show how something changes in value as time passes by or as something else happens.

Double Line Graphs- A graph that compares two different things over a period of time.

Circle Graph- A circle graph is a graph in the form of a circle that is divided into sectors with each sector representing a part of a set of data.

Pictograph- Used for comparing data by using a picture or a symbol.

How to mess with graphs:

1. You can brake the axis so it make the information look different then the normal one.

2. Have one really big bar in the graph to make it stand out.

3. Have the same colours and put any random colour to make one bar stand out.

How I could Improve my test mark:

I could improve my test mark if I put the labels on the y and x axis. I should have also added a conclusion and explained what I did. And the last thing i should have done was to arrange the numbers so they weren't mixed up.


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