Sunday, October 18, 2009

Kamille Scribepost For October 16th, 2009

Question 7 and 8

Question 7 questions and answers

Write each ratio in fraction form. Do not write the answers in lowest terms.

a) You spent $4 out of $10 dollars.

The fraction form for the answer would be 4/10 Dollars

b) A team who three games and lost six games. What is the ratio of the games won to the games played ?

The answer in fraction form is 3/9

c) A bag contains 12 red and 3 blue beads. Compare blue beads to the total beads.

The blue beads and the total beads in fraction is 3/15

d) A pond contains 27 guppies and 33 goldfish. What is the ratio of guppies to the total fish ?

The fraction formed for the guppies to the total fish is 27/60

Question 8 questions and answers

Identify the missing number to make an equivalent fraction.

a) 1/2 = 4/8
b) 4/5 = 12/15

c) 2/7 = 6/21
d) 1/4 = 3/12
e) 21/49 = 3/7
f) 4/5 = 12/15

( Sorry if the picture is blurry that's why i wrote the answer down again for those people who had trouble.. up there ^^ )

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Harvey841 said...

I understood the anwers, and I don't see any errors on them. ^_^


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