Monday, October 12, 2009

Jeric's Scribepost for October 12, 2009

Our assignment was to answer one purple question and one of your choice.

My red question :

How much money is in the jar?

There is $100 american dollars in the jar.

My purple question :

How much money is in half a jar?

Since there is $100 american dollars in the jar and the question is asking for half of it then all you have to do is ...

$100 ÷ 2 = 50

Part 2

Mr.Harbeck gave us 2 new questions to answer and here they are:
1. How much of the jar is filled with Canadian money?
If you are using American coins it would fill about 75% of the jar ( or 3/4 ) and we used 18 rolls with coins. If you are using Canadian coins approximately half of that so 9 rolls of coins so it would fill the jar up to around 20% - 40% ( around 1/4 )
2.Could you fill the jar $100 American and $100 Canadian ?
No, I believe it would overflow or spill because if you add 75% + 35% it would equal 110% so 10% of the coins will not fit in the jar.

1 comment:

Mr. H said...

Do you really think that it is that easy...... Now try that question again!


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