Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Michelle's BOB Scribepost for October 6, 2009

The 3 things I know about graphing :

First of all when making a graph you need to have :
- a title
- the y and x-axis
- labels on both axis'
- label the scale ( make sure the intervals are the same, and are going up by the same amount of numbers)
- color it

There are many different graphs used:

( Advantages... )

Bar graph (most common) : are best for comparing data.
Double Bar Graph : good for comparing 2 sets of data.
Circle Graph : comparing categories, using percent.
Line Graph : showing changes in a data over a period of time.
Pictograph : comparing data by using pictures, and are easier to count.

Misrepresenting Data :
  • (distorting scale) By using a break in the y-axis, can make the y-axis shorter, and can make the graph look like it hasn't / has increased as much as a graph with no break.
  • (distorting the size of bars) When you have a bar graph,you can make a bar wider than the others so it sticks out more, and makes it look like it has more amount.
  • (distorting the visuals) When you have a pictograph, you can make the least data seem like the most, by making the picture bigger than the rest of the pictures. Which makes it look more important than the other data.

What I know now that would've improve on my test:

I could have colored it, and instead of just organizing the sums into ascending order , I could have made a t-chart and tally the sums. Also in my paragraphs I should have predicted what the outcomes would be if I kept on rolling the die.


emmanuel841 said...

There was lots of good information you put into this scribe post. Maybe it's just me, but a picture would've been nice because i don't really know the things you got wrong

elijah841 said...

Hey Michelle nice post. You had great information .

But on the " First of all when making a graph you need to have :"

I would've put " These are the things you need to make a bargraph/linegraph. "

^ because there's a circle and pictograph too, and they dont need a y-axis.

Other than that, good job !

Mr Montgomery said...


Its Mr Montgomery from Australia here.

I am very impressed with the quality of your blog posts.

They are a great model for my year 8s


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