Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Giuseppe's post for October 13 2009

My red question:

How much money is in the jar?

There is $100 inside that jar.

My purple question is:

If you share the money with 10 people, how much does everyone get?

Everybody one will get $10 each because if you divide 100 by 10 you'll get 10.

And that's the coin part 1. Now here's part 2.

How full is the jar using Canadian coin?

Well, we all know that when we use American coins (1350 coins) , it fills up about 3/4 of a jar.
That's because they don't have loonies and toonies. So if we use Canadian coins (370 coins) , I estimated that it's gonna fill about 1/5 of the jar. Because the American have 1350 coins and Canadian have 370, and 1350 is about 4X bigger than 370. American coins is 75% so I divided 75 by 4 and I got 18.75%. I changed the the 18.75 to 20 so it'll be much easier to estimate. So that's how I got 1/5. Because 1/5 is the same as 20/100. One more thing is we have toonies and loonies.

How high are the stacks of coin?

1 cent = 2mm
2mm x 50 = 100mm

5 cents = 3mm
3mm x 40 = 120mm

10 cents = 1mm
1mm x 50 = 50mm

25 cents = 2mm
2mm x 40 = 80mm

1 dollar = 3mm
3mm x 25 = 75mm

2 dollars = 3mm
3mm x 25 = 75mm

If you think I did something or explained something wrong just leave a comment behind. Thank you

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