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Carla's Scribepost for October 9, 2009

Coin Ratio Questions:

For the blue or red question I chose this question ..

Q. What would be different if you changed the container?

Well the container looks like this,

What If the Container was shaped like this?

Differences :
-You can't put $100 in there.
- The other container is wider.
- This one has less space to put coins in.

Or this?

Differences :
- You can't really compare the money but there's a lot of space.
- You could probably put 100 dollars in there.

A. So my answer is that the appearance, the height, the width, the diameter, the weight would be different if you changed the container.

I chose this Purple Question ..

What is the value of pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters in the jar?

For this Question I hope it meant what is the value in Canadian money.

Penny = 0.01 C.A.D. = 0.00959187 U.S.D.
Nickel = 0.05 C.A.D. = 0.0479593 U.S.D.
Dimes = 0.10 C.A.D. = 0.0959187 U.S.D.
Quarters = 0.25 C.A.D. = 0.239797 U.S.D.

I used this site to help me

Part 2 of Coin Math -
Today we had to do more questions, They were How high are the stacks of coins? and How full is the jar in Canadian coins?

How full is the jar in Canadian coins?

I think the canadian coins are about 1/4 or 1/5 of the jar. 370 Canadian coins and 4x smaller than 1350 American coins. So I divided 75 (3/4 of the coins) by 4 which equals 18.75. 18.75 is close to 25 and 25 equals 1/4...

But then I noticed that it's closer to 20 and 100/20 is 1/5.

Sorry If you can't understand my answer...

How High are the stacks of coins?

1¢ = 2mm
2mm x 50 = 100mm

5¢ = 3mm
3mm x 40 = 120mm

10¢ = 1mm
1mm x 50 = 50mm

25¢ = 2mm
2mm x 40 = 80mm

$1 = 3mm
3mm x 25 = 75mm

$2 = 3mm
3mm x 25 = 75mm

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