Thursday, October 15, 2009

Puppet show!!

I have made a puppet show for you all! It is pretty rough so tell me what I can do for next time if I make another one!


emmanuel841 said...

AHAHA wow, that was pretty funny. Well i didn't really get how he was clumsy and maybe voices for the people would have been good.Good job

elijah841 said...

Hey , Kimberly !

Thnk you soo much for making a puppet show for us. it was really nice

thnks for the puppet show. :)

kimberly.covey said...

Thanks for the feedback! I made another video but I sent it to Mr. Harbeck to approve of it first. haha.

dillon841 said...

WOW that was aswome lol he was very clumsy i wounder why.


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