Monday, October 12, 2009

Jose's Scribepost for October 12TH, 2009

The assignment we had to do for Mr.Harbeck is that we had to answer one purple question, and one red or blue question.

Purple question :

Would the jar look the same if the jar was
Canadian ?

No the jar would not look the same because in Canadian money we use toonies and loonies so it would look way different from the American one.

The reason for why the jar would look different if it was Canadian is because loonies and toonies are much larger then the penny, dime, nickel, or quarter, and in American they have no such as a dollar or two dollar coin , they have a bill.

Red Question :

How much money does the coins add up too in the

All the coins in the jar add up to one hundred dollars because i examined the jar very precisely and i calculated $ 100. Just kidding, Mr. Harbeck told the class the answer so yeah.

The possible combination's of the coins inside the jar is :

If the jar only had pennies, there would be 10 000 pennies in the jar

If the jar only had nickels, there would be 2000 nickels in the jar

If the jar only had dimes, there would be 1000 dimes in the jar

If the jar only had quarters, there would be 400 quarters in the jar



Mr. H said...

Think about the combinations of coins in the jar? How many pennies, nickels etc are in the jar and then if you throw in the loonies and toonies how would that change the jar.....

JOSE841 said...

Oh, okay!! sorry Harbeck i'll try and fix it up right now.

elijah841 said...

Hey josh,

Shouldn't the, 'the reason for why the har would look.... ' be with the purple question instead, of the red question..

Good job on your red question though, you showed how much each of the four coins, would be in a jar, seperately.

JOSE841 said...

Oh yeah your right thanks elijah! i'll fix that up righht now. THANK U! ;) you did a really good job on your scribe too, it was really well done,.


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