Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Kathleen's BOB

- 3 things I now know about graphing :

(BAR) GRAPH needs to have the following :
  • a title
  • x and y axis
  • scale * intervals must be same amount going up *
  • labels for both axis
  • colours are optional .

- advantages for different graphs :

Bar Graphs - are best for comparing data.

Circle Graph
- are best for comparing categories when using percents.

- are best for comparing categories that can easily be counted using symbols.

Line Graph
- are best for showing changes of data over time.

Double Bar Graph
- are best for comparing two sets of data.

- misrepresenting the data :

  • Distorting a bar graph - making other bars looks different form the others makes you focus on that bar .
  • Colours - if you change a colour of a bar , it makes the other bars looks like it is not important.
  • Breaks - shorten the y-axis' appearance

*sorry if it's very late*

1 comment:

vanessa841 said...

GREAT JOB KATHLEEN ! your BOB for graphing was explained well. Although you missed a type of graph and that would be the double line graph. Also for the misrepresented part of your BOB, you should have explained how you could represent each and every graph differently. Your BOB was great but you could have made it colourful or make the type of graphs stand out with a picture or a video. Other than that GREAT JOB !


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