Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Princess' BOB Scribepost for October 6, 2009

3 things I know about graphing :

A couple of things that a graph (bar) needs to have :
-the title
-a y-axis
-an x-axis
-labels for both axis'
-scale, the intervals must be the same amount going up
-(colors are optional)

These are some of the advantages for different graph :
Bar Graphs - are best for comparing data
Circle Graph - are best for comparing categories when using percents
Pictograph - are best for comparing categories that can easily be counted using symbols
Line Graph - are best for showing changes of data over time
Double Bar Graph - are best for comparing two sets of data

Misrepresenting the data :
distorting the scale - you can use a break in the y-axis to make it seem shorter, causing a different appearance on the results

changing the size of the bars - you can change the width of the bar so that it will seem to pop out of the page more than the other bars

distorting the visual - in pictographs, you can make small amounts of pictures seem bigger by changing the size of the symbol

What I know now that would've improve on my test:

In my graph I should have colored in the bars to make it pop out more. In my organization, I should have used a tally chart or some other sort of chart. Also in my paragraph I should have predicted some more about my graph.


elijah841 said...

Great job Princess ! There's alot of colours and everything stands out ! I have no problem with it, :D good job princeess.

princess841 said...

thank you elijah !!


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